Fortnite: Safe Locations in Season 4

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Gold bars are a currency that many players still aren't 100% happy with and see little value in. That being said, it's a crucial part of the in-match economy, and finding more is always nice. This is where stumbling across a safe in Fortnite Season 4 is very useful.

However, instead of heading blindly into a match and hoping to just bump into a safe, we have a breakdown of the various locations where safes can be found. Here's where you can find a safe in Fortnite Season 4 and how you can get inside!

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Safe Locations in Fortnite Season 4

There are 26 total locations where a safe can reliably be found in Fortnite Season 4. Within each location, there are up to 9 total safes spread out.

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In many cases, the safe may be located within a vault. This means you need to find one or two chrome keys before you can access the safes.

Some, however, can be found just sitting around in open locations with no requirements needed to access them.

How to Open a Safe in Fortnite

Opening a safe in Fortnite couldn't be easier. You simply need to approach the safe and interact with it.

It will take much longer to open than a standard chest to somewhat simulate the idea that your character is picking the lock.

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All safes will spit out a decent amount of gold bars, 75 to be exact. They are a currency used to purchase items from NPCs, Vending Machines, and Weapon Upgrade Stations.

They are also a seasonal currency meaning that you keep the bars you earn between matches and can save them up. They are only reset at the end of a season. Towards the end of each season, there is typically a bargain week that offers up all gold bar services for cheap to allow players to spend everything they have before a reset.

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