Fortnite Season 12: Three Things We Want To See in Chapter 2 Season 2!

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 has been in full swing for almost two months now. The initial outburst of excited fans has now dwindled off and it seems the player base is adjusting to what it usually was.

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Chapter 2 may have let some fans down, with the lack of patch notes and new additions many fans are losing that attachment to Fortnite that they once had.

With two months left to Chapter 2 Season 2, what things should Epic Games implement?

Patch Notes

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Please Epic

Perhaps the most requested feature that Epic Games needs to re-introduce is patch notes. Once a staple of the weekly patches, Epic Games has only released one set of patch notes the entire season.

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This non-existent communication between Epic Games and the players has stirred some fans the wrong way, and thus have taken to social media to voice their opinion and frustration.

More New Items

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Will we see some new weapons soon?

Since the release of Chapter 2 Season 1, for those who do not know Epic completely revamped the loot pool. Essentially vaulting most of the items in the game and starting fresh, only with a few basic weapons.

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It has been quite some time into Chapter 2 and we have not had the release of any brand new weapons.

This can be viewed as a good or bad thing, on one side players are saying that the game is balanced so it is good that Epic isn't adding any game-breaking items as they once did.

However, some players are arguing that the game has become stale and a taste of new weapons will cure this problem.



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Fortnite's newest map is much bigger than its original map and yet Epic Games has zero mobility items in the game.

Besides the boats that players can drive around the map and a few zip-lines, there aren't any mobility items in the game.

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With items such as impulses and launch pads removed from the game, re-adding them back into the item pool will make the game a lot more action-packed for sure!

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