Fortnite Season 2: When will Season 2 end?

When looking towards the end of Fortnite Season 2 there's something very fishy going on. Perhaps we're putting the tin foil hat on a little too soon but when so much of Fortnite's calendar is predictable, when something doesn't fit, it really sticks out.

So, what about Fortnite Season 2's end date doesn't make sense? Let's take a look...

Fortnite Season 2 End Date

Fortnite Season 2 is set to end on Friday, 3 June. Hm, a Friday you say? Recent history has shown that Epic tends to call the curtain on a Saturday or Sunday so why are we changing the schedule here?

Fortnite season 2 the origin
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He Origin debuted in Season 2

It looks very likely that something extra could be planned for either the end of Season 2 or the start of Season 3. After the lack of any major events in Season 1, the community is expecting something big to take us forward in the story of Chapter 3.

Season 3 Rumours

With Season 2 being so fresh, there are no solid rumours yet surrounding Season 3. There is, however, one lingering theme that we're still awaiting more details on.

Throughout Season 1 and at the start of Season 2, Star Wars cosmetics were re-added to Fortnite and even updated. This led to the belief that we could be getting a full Star Wars themed season very soon.

As Season 2 hasn't used this, it now looks likely that it could be used in a May 4th celebration event. That doesn't mean we'll necessarily get an in-game event to participate in, but we could see Star Wars content take over the item store for a little while.

It looks like the Resistance story in Season 2 will continue on for at least a little while longer. Eventually, we expect the focus to switch to more of an Imagined Order vs The Seven conflict.

We're also keen to see where this battle takes us as things are already off to a fast start. The rest of Chapter 3 needs to try and keep up with this pace to avoid the usual mid-chapter slump.

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