Fortnite Season 3, Week 4 Quest Guide: Release Date, How to Complete & More

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Fortnite is preparing for the arrival of it's week 4 quests, the latest batch of tasks to give players a new way to earn XP.

This early into Season 3, weekly quests are an essential part of levelling up your battle pass and getting all of your rewards. Here are all the Week 4 Quests for Fortnite

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Fortnite Season 3, Week 4 Quests Release Time.

The Fortnite Season 3, Week 4 Seasonal quests will go live on Thursday, 29th June @ 14:00 BST / 09:00 EST / 06:00 PST according to the timer shown in the weekly quests menu.

The challenges from previous weeks will still be available for players up until the end of the season, allowing all players the ability to catch up and gain the XP.

Fortnite Season 3 Week 4 Quest Guide

The following is a breakdown of the Fortnite Season 3, Week 4 quests along with some tips on how to beat them. Where specific information is needed, we will update the piece once the quests are live. Every Fortnite Season 3 quest will be worth 15,000 XP.

Mantle Onto Ledges Within 3 Seconds of Sliding 0/3

Fortnite Slide Week 4 Quests
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A fairly simple quest to start off with. Find a location with lots of walls or fences that you can easily mantle. Sprint towards them and slide to it, climbing over as you reach it. Repeat this three times to bag yourself 15,000XP

Damage Opponents While in a Vehicle 0/250

Fortnite Vehicles featured in week 4 quests
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Depending on what the quest means by "opponents", the difficulty of this quest changes a fair amount. This task could include NPCs like Stormtroopers or even hostile wildlife, making it a lot easier to complete. If it just means other Fortnite players, however, it may take a lot longer to finish.

Destroy Structures Using The E-11 Blaster 0/15

Stormtroopers from Fortnite week 4 quests
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If Stormtroopers are included with the previous quest, completing it by taking them out and then grabbing their E-11 Blaster Rifles to help complete this quest would be a great way to stack challenges and XP. The E-11 Blaster Rifle has infinite ammo so you should have no issues doing it in one session assuming you stay alive.

The downside to the E-11 Blaster Rifle is it doesn't do a lot of damage to structures so a good way to finish this challenge is to do most of the damage with your pickaxe and then finish them off with the blaster

Knock Down Timber Pines With a Ripsaw Launcher 0/5

Fortnite Ripsaw Launcher used in week 4 quests
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The Ripsaw Launcher is one of the most exciting weapons in Fortnite right now, being able to tear its way through any structure in its path. Until July 5th, the spawn rate of this weapon has increased, meaning you can find it all over. The best place to find your own Ripsaw Launcher, however, is still the Chop Shop north of Logjam Lumberyard. This is also where you can find a lot of these trees to quickly finish the quest.

Travel 500 Meters In The Slipstream Around Rave Cave 0/500

Fortnite Slipstream from the  Week 4 Quests
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When jumping, glide your way over to the Rave Cave and try to land in the slipstream. If you miss it, there are hills around the area that will let you jump inside to complete the quest and get another 15,000XP to level up your Fortnite Battle Pass.

Plant a Reality Seed at Sunflower's Sapling or Fungi Farm 0/1

Fortnite Fungi Farm Week 4 Quests
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The best way to get a reality seed right now is by harvesting some of the fruit found on the various reality saplings scattered across the Season 3 map. If you already have a tree, go to it, collect the loot from it and there should be saplings that drop. Then head for either location and plant.

Search Chests or Ammo Boxes at Crashed IO Airships 0/1

Fortnite Crashed IO Airship from the Week 4 Quests
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This final quest is another easy one but it could take a while early on as multiple players try to complete it. There are a few IO Airships crashed around the Fortnite map, each of which has chests for you to loot. The airships in the water tend to have fewer chests than the inland ones, however, so pick your spots wisely for efficiency and loot.

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