Fortnite Season 4 Confirmed As PARADISE & TikTok Teasers Revealed

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In a surprise turn of events, some substantial information has come out regarding Fortnite Season 4 a week prior to its official release. We now know that it will be titled Paradise and even got some TikTok teasers for it!

Here's everything that was released and what it might mean for Fortnite Season 4: Paradise going forward.

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Paradise TikTok Teasers

At the time of writing, three short TikTok videos have been released for Fortnite Season 4: Paradise. The first sees a woman applying make-up to the back of her hand before a chrome substance takes over her arms.

The second video sees someone pouring milk into Llama-Os but it also turns out to be a chrome substance and the cereal becomes a solid before the chrome appears to take over the cereal box also.

In the final video, a gardener is spraying a tomato plant before it appears that the spray infected the vegetables with chrome.

Each of the teasers is very short and finished with a shot of the Paradise title card. Since they went live, a website has now appeared and confirms that Fortnite Season 4: Paradise arrives on 18 September 2022.

What is Chrome?


What isn't obvious just yet is what role this chrome substance has to play in the story of Paradise. It could be an infection of sorts that may take over the island. It is the same substance we saw in the first teaser image for Paradise.

fortnite season 4 paradise teaser
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Another theory suggests that it would be linked to the power of an antagonist who will be revealed in Season 4. For now, we know very little but expect that Epic will release more info or teasers over the coming week.

Keep an eye out in-game for any changes or hints too, as the recent update may have snuck some surprises in that the leaker community missed!

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