Fortnite Season 4: The Story So Far in Chapter 3

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As players around the world prepare for the arrival of Fortnite Season 4, many are wondering where the storyline within the battle royale could be going next.

Each new season of Fortnite has a storyline that runs throughout, with attached quests that players can complete as they move through the weeks, slowly being involved and piecing together the narrative as it happens.

So where has Chapter 3 gone and where is Fortnite Season 4 going to go next? Let's look at the story so far.

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Fortnite Season 4 - The Story So Far

The story of chapter 3 ahead of Fortnite Season 4 has starred The Rock and various characters.
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The story of Chapter 3 has, for the most part, revolved around "The Seven", a group of seven individuals who are dedicated to protecting the zero-point energy, a crucial element to the story of Chapter 3 and the Imagined Order (IO), an inter-dimensional threat and enemy to The Seven.

The quests themselves follow a scientist and his research, with the player helping him conduct his studies on zero-point energy.

Fortnite Season 4 Zero Build Image
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During Season 1, the player comes into contact with IO, who drills under the island, causing heavy sinkholes and earthquakes across the map to try and take out The Seven all while The Scientist tries to bring back the character known as "The Paradigm", a former member of the group.

In Season 2, an all-out war has erupted between IO and The Seven and with IO blocking the use of the building, the resistance has to find other ways to fight on the ground such as sprinting and sliding.


The scientist takes a step back in this season, letting the player focus more on the battle which ends with The Paradigm bringing the Mecha Strike Commander to Reality Zero from the moon, battling with IO before their doomsday device known as The Collider exploded, tearing apart reality and bringing Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi into Fortnite.

Fortnite Season 4 may be caused by the reality tree changing the map forever.
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This is where Season 3 (the current season) picked up, with the war now over, the island went into a summer recreation after winning. All is not good, however, with a large Reality Tree looming on the Western side of the map.

The scientist asks the player to help with his research on The Reality Tree, discovering that it's continuing to grow out of control and change the island as the season progresses. He also learns that Darth Vader is now on the island and hunting for a relic that came from his world onto Fortnite island. This relic appears to be a conduit for the zero point to communicate with them.

All while a mysterious figure dubbed "The bloomwatcher" by players overlooks the island.

As of writing, that's all we know but with Fortnite Season 4 just around the corner, we should have our answers soon enough.

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