The Fortnite 17.10 Update Is Now Live

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The first Fortnite Update of Season 7 is finally here and most of the initial complications appear to be fixed after a shaky start.

Below is all the live updates you need on the update's release.

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LATEST - Map Fixes Complete - Believer Beach Returns

The issues surrounding the disappearance of Believer Beach has been resolved. In a tongue-in-cheek tweet about this issue, Epic insist they wont reveal exactly where they were when they were missing.

Perhaps hinting at the possibility that the location is set to be taken by the aliens later in the season?

Official 17.10 Notes From Epic

We have the official patch notes from Epic on Fortnite update 17.10. We still await more info on the Cosmic Summer Event fixes.

Not a huge amount has been changed in the popular battle royale mode and there are also some fixes for Save The World and Creative.

Most interesting is the note about Abductors. These are the new type of alien craft that can take you to the mothership. Once inside you'll find all kinds of loot as well as some areas from past islands that suddenly went missing!

Believer Beach Is MISSING!

It appears that the latest update has caused some issues with certain in-game areas. The entirety of Believer Beach has gone missing from the game and some building in Holly Hedges are also MIA.

Epic are aware of the issues and are attempting to fix as we speak. It's not currently know if more downtime would be needed to fix, or a quick hotfix release will sort everything out.

Fortnite Update 17.10 Is Live!

You are now able to log on to your preferred platform and download the Fortnite 17.10 update.

The update comes in at 2.13GB, which is a fair size given how many changes are are expecting and the content being added.

iFireMonkey has put together a fantastic video looking the the new content coming to Update 17.10

Downtime Has Begun

Downtime has begun for the 17.10 update, so we should know what to expect from it very soon.

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The downtime should only last for an hour or so, as the servers get back up and running, so we'll update you once they're live once more.

Fortnite Update 17.10 Release Date

We do not currently have a solid release date for Fortnite Update 17.10. All we do know is that is was uploaded to the staging servers by Epic. This usually means are are only a few days away from it being live.

This is basically what they need to do in order to internally test the update to ensure the update can be properly implemented.

Fortnite Update 17.10 File Size

The size of Fortnite Update 17.10 is not currently known as it is yet to be released. We'll keep you up to date as soon as we have the figures and have confirmed the file size.

Fortnite Update 17.10 patch
click to enlarge
The update may be large, but it wont be 'Warzone sized'.

Given that this will be the first update of Season 7, we expect is to be fairly large compared to the smaller hotfixes which are usually a few MBs at most.

Fortnite Season 7 Update Frequency

Signs are pointing towards the updates in Fortnite Season 7 coming every other month. This can be looked at one of two ways;

Updates last season were so frequent (fortnightly) that there is simply less fixes needed as this season was well prepared for


Epic are happy with the current season and want to spend more time on content and managing events than repeatedly uploading small frequent updates that could cause more issues than they fix.

Recent Fortnite Season 7 Hotfixes

Just because we are without a major update recently doesn't mean that nothing has been changed. Epic have been hot on some of the most requested changes recently and made sure fixes are deployed ASAP.

The first that comes to mind is the removal of wildlife and IO guards from competitive play. These AI characters could impact the game in a negative way which takes away from the true spirit of competitive play.

We also saw the removal of the Rail Gun and Recon Scanner in competitive play due to their imbalance. Changes like these are quick to make, show Epic's intent to ensure the best playing environment possible and can't really break the game.

Some players have commented that no AI characters or NPCs should be allowed in competitive play. They have their place in casual and they do help with the storytelling each season, but competitive just isn't the right environment for them.

Cosmic Summer Event Revealed

Having been teased via posters right from the start of Fortnite Season 7, Epic Games has now confirmed that a Event, titled Cosmic Summer, is set to take place shortly after the release of 17.10.

What shape the event will take place is yet unknown, but we're sure we'll know more once the update is live on Tuesday.

For now, you can check out the poster for the event down below.

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