Fortnite: Travis Scott Astronomical event - OFFICIAL Tour Dates ANNOUNCED, Leaked Trailer, Skins, Emotes, How to watch, Details and more

World famous rapper, Travis Scott, has officially been announced to be the next music artist taking part in one of Fortnite's iconic in-game events.

With weeks of rumours and leaks surfacing, fans' anticipation for the upcoming event have been understandably high - not to mention the already huge build up ahead of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3!

With in-game events bringing in millions of people - there sure is a lot to be excited about this month.

Let's take a look at all the latest we know so far about Travis Scott's Astronomical event.

Official Tour Dates

Check out the official tour dates below for the event!

There are five showtimes for different regions, so everyone will be able to experience the concert. Miss your local timeslot? You can always change your region and see another concert.

Here are all of the dates and times!

  • 4/23 – The Americas – 7PM EDT
  • 4/24 – EU & ME – 10AM EDT
  • 4/25 – Asia & Oceania – 12AM EDT
  • 4/25 – EU & ME – 11AM EDT
  • 4/25 – The Americas – 6PM EDT

Epic games and Fortnite appear to have gone out of their way to 'make sure everyone has a chance to experience Astronomical'.

This means that there are multiple tour dates and showtimes for people around the globe. Just remember that doors open 30 minutes before the show - so make sure to get in early to secure your spot!

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OFFICIAL: The announcement may well be the talk of the Fortnite Community

With the chance to catch encores also - it would look like many fans are going to get a chance to experience Travis Scott's performance!

Travis Scott will also be performing a world premier of a brand new track - our expectations are out of this world!

Official Cosmetics

Before the Astronomical event, and before Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 also, Travis Scott will be set to be the newest addition to the Icon Series.

Outfits, Emotes, and more will be incoming starting April 21! And for anyone who attends any of the events, it looks like they''ll be rewarded with the Astroworld Cyclone Glider and two loading screens...for free!

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(INTER)STELLA CHOICE: Awesome rewards are in the bag for those attending the event!

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Leaked Trailer

Ahead of the event, there was also a trailer which was leaked courtesy of @ShiinaBR.

However, we are still waiting on any official trailer to be dropped in the future.

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SPACEY: The trailer doesn't reveal too much, but still gets us pumped for the event!

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