Fortnite: Travis Scott Event LEAK UPDATE - MORE in-game teasers, Stage under construction? Concert, Skin, Rewards and Full Details!

Since the delay of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3, the Fortnite community has been up in arms about what to do until June 4.

This has only been the second season since the new map was unveiled to us back in October, as both seasons thus far have encountered numerous delays.

Back in February, data miners uncovered a potentially epic event, however there are now reports which could back up this leak further.

Let's take a closer look.


Check out all the images you will be able to obtain for attending the Travis Scott event starting on April 23! Courtesy of ShiinaBR.

scott 2
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As well, there was also a trailer for the in-game concert that players will be able to view during the 23rd.

You can check out the full video here.


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It's HAPPENING - Who else is amped!

The official Travis Scott image was leaked by some Fortnite data miners recently.

In the image you can see the leaked Travis Scott skin, although it is a bit crossed out.

Fortnite Confirms Event!

In a tweet posted earlier this morning, the official Fortnite game posted the following tweet which all but confirms the Travis Scott concert. A

travis scott tweet
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CACTUS - Travis's iconic nickname is one of the emojis!

With another announcement coming later today at 12:00 EST, we will be sure to update you on what Fortnite has in store for us.


For those who do not know, Fortnite held the largest "virtual" concert of all time during Season 7.

At the time, the concert was held at Pleasent Park and we got to watch a live Marshmello concert. This was one of the most talked-about topics of the year for Fortnite and reinsured their ability to pull off events.

marshmello concert
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DANCE - Who else watched in awe of Fortnite's magic?

Since the legendary Marshmello concert, we have not received another concert or musical event.

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Most of the events since have been surrounded around the lore of Fortnite, and more centered around the season's end.

In-game Teasers for Travis Scott?

Officially, the artist has not been confirmed, however there have been a number of in-game teases to Travis Scott being the next artist to perform.

In February, HYPEX leaked the rumoured Travis Scott skin coming to Fortnite, and now it could be the case that this would foreshadow the upcoming event.

Travis Scott fortnite
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TEASE ME TEASE ME: Players have spotted these posters which they say tease Travis Scott's album

One of the teaser spotted in-game is that the ending to his song 'Highest in the Room' can be heard playing quietly in certain areas of the map.

There's also been recent word of a stage being built. Reliable miner HYPEX shared the image of a stage being constructed on the one of the small islands between Sweaty Sands and The Shark.

2020 04 19 2
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WHAT COULD THIS BE? Hypex shared an image of a stage being constructed, which could be for the upcoming event

We still don't have an official announcement yet, but fans are sure to have their fingers crossed!

Leaked Image

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HIDDEN MESSAGE? - This image is going to appear all over the map!

In a tweet posted by Fortnite data miner HYPEX, the above image was just found within the game files.

HYPEX later tweeted that the image is going to be an in-game poster that is going to go up around the map soon. Similar to the Marshmello image we saw around the old map.

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From what we can tell, the leaked image has a lot of note that all point towards an in-game concert yet again coming to Fortnite.

As well, the background design of the poster is a direct outline of the Sweaty Sands POI, which is located at the north-western part of the map.

Travis Scott?

With the next in-game concert all but confirmed by Fortnite themselves; the artist performing at the concert is all that's left to confirm.

Around a month ago, HYPEX also leaked the rumored Travis Scott skin coming to Fortnite. This was all the way back in early March, and we have not received his skin in the item shop yet.

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ITS LIT - One of the biggest rappers in the world!

Putting the two together, and the planet symbols located on the top of the leaked poster. Which we can relate to Travis Scott's most recent album, "Astroworld" we can assume that this is going to be the next Fortnite event.


As of now, we do not have any idea about when the rumored concert is going to be happening.

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We will be sure to keep you updated about when the Travis Scott concert happens in Fortnite!

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