Fortnite Update 21.10 COUNTDOWN: Release Time, Server Downtime, Patch Notes & More

The time for a new Fortnite update is upon us once again with the first major patch of Season 3 now live for everyone to enjoy.

Update 21.10 of Fortnite has brought a lot of changes to Epic's highly popular Battle Royale. Here's everything that was added in the latest update

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LATEST - Servers Back Up

It turns out that the wait for this set of updates was surprisingly short as Fortnite's servers are now back up with the 21.10 Update fully implemented into the game with a whole bunch of features now available.

Fortnite 21.10 Update Content & Patch Notes

The PC update for Fortnite is now available and we have some information on the size of the 21.10 update of Fortnite and what to expect from it. The brand new patch for Fortnite is 2.09GB in size on PC, with a lot of changes being made to the game. Here's a rundown of all the content and changes in the 21.10 update.

Star Wars Items Are Back In-Game

As Was reported by reliable Fortnite insiders ShiinaBR and iFireMonkey, Lightsabers have been added back to the game and can be found across the map in unique chests. The full set of Star Wars Weapons added back to Fortnite are Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi's Lightsabers and the Stormtrooper's E-11 Blaster Rifle. One thing worth noting about the Darth Vader lightsaber is that it's actually incorrect, having an unstable blade where it should have a clean one like the Obi-Wan blade. This is because the blade is actually re-used from Kylo Ren's lightsaber that was previously in the game.

Naruto and Fortnite Bundles Shown & The Nindo 2022 Quests Revealed.

As fans of the popular manga and anime series, Naruto eagerly awaits the launch of the second collaboration with Fortnite, iFireMonkey among other sources have given us a look at the bundles soon to be purchasable for fans.

Also revealed today by Fortnite's official blog are The Nindo 2022 challenges for the Naruto collaboration. These quests unlock Naruto-themed items and XP for players. To participate, head over to The Nindo's website and then log-in with your Epic Games account. Then work your way through the challenges while playing Fortnite. Complete all four paths to unlock a final reward.

New "Vibin'" Questline

iFireMonkey also revealed that a brand new narrative questline, titled "vibin'" has been added for players to work their way through in matches. The questline even has voiced NPCs to freshen up the experience, giving players a fun story to progress and gain XP from.

Season 3 Super Styles Revealed

Another reliable source for Fortnite HYPEX, meanwhile gave us a look at some of the brand new Battle Pass Super Styles in-game, showing three new variations of the Evie outfit decked out in precious metals.

New Weapons Added To Fortnite

As had been reported by various insiders leading up to the release of Fortnite's 21.10 Update and seen in the trailers for Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3, two new weapons will be making their debuts in this new update.

The first weapon is already available in the game via creative mode. The Firework Flare Gun is a reskin of the Flare Gun that shoots out a single projectile that when launched into the air, a firework reveals enemies nearby.

The second weapon is the Sawblade gun. Officially called the Ripsaw Launcher. This new weapon is available at the factory north of Logjam Lumberyard. It can shoot a blade that will chew through builds slowly for 10 seconds.

Reality Sapling Gets Nerfed

Fortnite Season 3 Update 21.10 Reality Sapling Nerfed.
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One of the coolest elements added to Fortnite Season 3 has got to be the Reality Saplings, small off-shoots of the large Reality tree that players can plant themselves and then revisit for a fine collection of loot down the line to help their odds in-game.

Sadly, the 21.10 update has decided to nerf these Saplings quite severely and while disappointing, the nerf was needed.

Now the amount of pods available on your reality saplings decreases as the level of loot increases, something that was only the case for the mythic items previously.

Now the reality tree works as follows:

  • 3 fruits when Uncommon or Rare
  • 2 fruits when Epic
  • 1 fruit when Legendary or Mythic

LogJam Lumberyard Gets Overtaken by The Reality Tree.

As had been reported prior to the release of the update by the reliable FN_Assist on Twitter, the Reality Tree's influence has begun to spread into different areas of the map including Logjam Lumberyard which has drastically changed with the 21.10 Update.

The new version of Logjam is one of the more interesting locations in the new update of Fortnite with the map running through different themes in each game based on the various points of interest from both Chapter 1 and Chapter 2.

Fortnite 21.10 Update Time

Fortnite 21.10 Release Time

Fortnite's 21.10 update for Season 3 is now being added to the game, as was correctly stated by reliable Fortnite news source iFireMonkey on Twitter when the update was added to staging servers.

The 21.10 update is the first of a reported five patches that will occur throughout Chapter 3 Season 3 and is set to bring a variety of new content to everybody's favourite battle royale.

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