Fortnite Update 23.20 - release date & everything we know

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It's almost time for another Fortnite update and 23.20 will be the first major update of 2023! Chapter 3 has split the player base in how they feel about the last 12 months of Fortnite but one thing is for sure, everyone is looking forward to what is still to come.

As Fortnite update 23.20 approaches, we're taking a look at what might change in this landmark content update. Here's when we're expecting it to release and what we think will change!


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LATEST - Update Delayed?

Fortnite Update 23.20 was due for release on Tuesday, 17 January but nothing arrived come the usual update time, leaving the community unsure as to whether the update had been delayed.

fortnite chapter 4 battle pass

Leakers within the community were also sure that the new update was coming soon but it appears we're going to be waiting either one day or one extra week for now.

Fortnite Update 23.20 release date and time

Fortnite update 23.20 is confirmed to release on Tuesday, 24 January as the update has now been uploaded to the staging servers. While updates are typically released every two weeks, there is a longer gap between the first two updates of Chapter 4, Season 1 due to the Christmas break that Epic employees will take.

Fortnite as played from a first-person perspective
Could first-person Fortnite arrive in this update?

It was possible that the update could have been released earlier but we were instead treated to a small maintenance update on 10 January. Now that the update is confirmed, it will release at the same time as usual, 1 am PT / 4 am ET / 9 am GMT / 10 am CET.

What to expect

There are plenty of possibilities for new content when it comes to Fortnite update 23.20. A first-person mode is still expected to arrive for battle royale. Most content that was leaked or predicted for Season 1 has already arrived leaving this new game mode as the biggest missing piece so far.

geralt of rivia using a magic fire spell
Will Geralt bring along some magical emotes?

We may also see more from the Geralt of Rivia content, due to arrive in the game as the special battle pass skins mid-way through the season. All we know so far is what the base skin looks like so getting a closer look at any other cosmetics that are also arriving would be great.

Finally, we can expect a lot of gameplay balance changes as the first update of Season 1 didn't really change too much and instead focused on delivering Winterfest content. As the competitive landscape starts to shape itself in Chapter 4, nerfs and buffs will become a lot more prominent in the usual Fortnite updates.