Fortnite V12.50 Release Date, Patch Notes, New Weapons, and Full Details!

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With the recent delay of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3, players are now looking ahead to the next update already.

Chapter 2 Season 2 has been one of the best ones in memory, with a balanced weapon pool and solid updates throughout the season.

Players are itching to see what the next update is going to have in store for us.

Let's take a look at what we can expect!

Release Date

Fortnite updates used to be released every week, but now, they have changed this model and it appears to be every two weeks or so.

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NEW SKINS? Will we finally get the Travis Scott skins?

The last update, patch V12.40 was released this past week; so we do not expect the next update to be released for at least another week.

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So, we can expect patch V12.50 to be released around April 28!

New Weapons

Flashing back to the beginning of March, Fortnite data miners were able to uncover multiple leaked weapons that have yet to make their way into Fortnite.

These include some classic weapons that were once in the game but appear to be getting a massive rework.

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RETURN - Is the vault going to return?

Not only do we have these weapon leaks to go off of, but Fortnite data miner FireMonkey has also discovered another weapon within the game files.

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Many fans expected this weapon to be implemented during the last update, however, it was not.

So, it is without a doubt coming next update so keep your eyes peeled!

Travis Scott Concert?

Recently, notable Fortnite data miners uncovered a lot of in-game files that are all pointing towards some sort of in-game concert coming soon.

We suspect this is going to be similar to the Marshmello concert during Season 7, but we know very little as of now.

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ASTROWORLD - Who else is amped for this concert?

With the Travis Scott skin already in the Fortnite game files, we are just waiting for a few more items to get leaked.

Perhaps they will come with this update?

Patch Notes?

We do not have any rumored patch notes yet, however, keep an eye out on Twitter for when the patch will release.

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