Fortnite V12.60 Patch Notes – Leaks, Map, Weapons & more

The last major update ahead of the new Fortnite season is finally here, V12.60 is the last update for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2.

This is also the first time we have received a sixth major update during the course of a season, and all of them have delivered key changes to the game.

This one is no exception, with some exciting changes and leaks surfacing since the release of the patch.

We'll take you through everything you need to know!

Spy Games LTM and More!

In an email sent out by Epic Games during the night before the update went live, they detailed some of the highlights of this update.

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One of the new features coming to Fortnite is a new Spy Games LTM going to be ready for players to jump into tomorrow.

fortnite renegade raider skin 1
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SPY - Have you been taking part in the Spy Games

Starting with this update players will be able to jump into the newest mode called "Infiltrate".

Aim Assist Nerf

Most Fortnite players are well aware of the aim assist debacle. One of the hottest topics as of late, as it appears PC players have had enough of controller players.

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With figures such as Tfue and Ninja speaking out heavily against aim assist, Epic Games is taking action starting next week.

Although Epic is not taking any action this week, they will be adjusting the strength and some other features about aim assist next week.

Keep in mind this is only going to affect players using a controller playing on PC. If you are on console, you are going to be safe!

PC Aim Assist Nerf
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FINALLY - We are so thankful aim assist has been nerfed!

Patch Notes & Bug Fixes

During the last major Fortnite update, Epic changed their ways of not posting patch notes. As they emailed all their creators the full list of changes included with the patch.

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This appears to be the same this time around as you can check out the full list of changes below!

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