Week 9 Alien Artifact Locations In Fortnite (Season 7)

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It has been some week for Fortnite with not only another major update but the Unreal Engine 5 announcement, Ariana Grande skin, Suicide Squad crossover and Rift Tour event. We event then were treated to a Street Fighter collaberation! Those players who said Season 7 was a bit tame are looking pretty silly right now.

Nevertheless, it's business as usual for now as we detail where you can find all of the Alien Artifacts in Week 9 which are live now!

Alien Artifacts locations for Fortnite Week 9

For week 9 there are the usual five Alien Artifacts locations spread out across the map but this week's locations lend themselves to be collected much quicker than previous weeks!

Alien Artifacts Week 9 Locations Fortnite
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LOCATIONS: The week 9 Alien Artifacts locations

Four of the locations are spread across the middle-to-left side of the map in a nice lineup that will lend itself nicely to quick collections. The final location is a little isolated but by no means problematic.

Naturally, the above map is helpful but not as precise as you would like, so let us give you a bit more detail on where each of the Alien Artifact is;

  • Gas Station - Just South of Corny Complex is a gas station, inside the main building is the Alien Artifact
  • North-West of Craggy Cliffs - A small island with a shack and house. The house is raised slightly and the Alien Artifact is underneath it, destroy the foundation to find it.
  • Weeping Woods - Inside the small shack beside the river, the Alien Artifact is in here.
  • Satellite Station - The station West of Weeping Woods, the Alien Artifact can be found on top of the main Satellite dish.
  • West of Holly Hatchery - There is a small island off the coast, on it is a small shack, inside the shack is the Alien Artifact.

Hopefully, this helps you grab all five Alien Artifacts for Week 9 so you can continue to unlock customization options for your Kymera. If you need any additional Alien Artifacts, they can be found inside Cosmic Chests in any squad-based game mode.

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