Fortnite: Week Ten XP Coins Locations – Green, Blue, Gold, and Purple XP Coins!

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The third patch of the Marvel-themed season released all over the world a few weeks ago.

Now, we are looking ahead to the next patch which should be this week!

Although it was not the patch many were hoping for, this sets the game up perfectly for the upcoming Fortnitemares 2020 event!

Now, we are moving onto the tenth week of challenges and XP Coins.


For those who do not know, there are three different types of XP coins; and new ones spawn each week on the map.

Here is a quick outline of all the coins and how much XP you will gain from each:

  • Green – Most common XP Coin, rewards 5,000 XP
  • Purple – Will burst into smaller XP Coins, collecting all will grant you 10,300 XP
  • Blue – Have timers on them during the match, rewards 6,500 XP
  • Gold – Will reward you with 15,000 XP


This time around we can thank TheBriteFuture for the locations of this week's coins!

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Full Challenge List

Here's all the challenges for this week as well!

Best of luck this week!

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