Who Plays The Foundation in Fortnite? Voice Actor Revealed

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The biggest event of the year, The End of Chapter 2, has just happened and The Foundation has finally made a full appearance. If you recognise the character, you may be wondering who plays The Foundation in Fortnite. Well, we've got everything you need to know about the voice actor right here.

Fortnite The Foundation Voice Actor

As many of you may have guessed from the images, The Foundation is played by The Rock. Yes, that global superstar actor and ex-wrestler also known as Dwayne Johnson.


For a long time now, he's been teased as The Foundation, with his voice appearing in trailers and hints being made by him in interviews. He's now been confirmed as the voice actor, which is really cool for the game.

fortnite, the foundation, voice actor
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Now, as we move into Chapter 3, it'll be interesting to see what kind of a role he plays going forward.


For now, we don't know much about his character, beyond the clips in the event, which you can watch online. Once Chapter 3 begins this week, I'm sure we'll see more from The Rock and The Foundation.

Chapter 3 Downtime

Following the Chapter 2 The End event, downtime has begun, with the game being offline for pretty much everyone around the world.

For most, they're just floating in the water, following the island flipping. What that means for the world of Fortnite, we're not entirely sure, but it's similar to the Black Hole event that began Chapter 2 all that time ago.

Fortnite will be offline for quite some time now, as hype builds for Chapter 3. We'd expect the servers to be offline until at least Tuesday morning.

Of course, as more on The Foundation, The Rock's role, and Chapter 3 are revealed over the coming days, we'll keep you up to date. Hopefully the downtime passes in a flash and we can get into everything that is new.