Fortnite: Winter Royal 2019: Start Date, Prize Pool, Game Mode, Confirmed Duos and Everything we Know!

Epic Games has announced this year's iteration of Winter Royal, the tournament which was launched last holiday season was a massive hit for the competitive scene of Fortnite.

This year's version will be spread across three days, just over a week after the conclusion of Chapter 2 Season 1's FNCS Finals which was squads.

With not much time until the event kicks off, we'll get you up to speed about everything we know about Winter Royal 2019!

Start Date

According to the official Epic Games blog post, Winter Royal 2019 is stated to start on December 20th and run over the course of three days ending on December 22nd.

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The competition will probably have a set time period each day depending on the region, so be sure to keep a lookout for your region's start time.

Game Mode

Winter Royal 2019 was announced to be a duos competitive game mode, this is the first time we have seen a duos tournament since the Fortnite World Cup.

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Duos are perhaps one of the fan-favourite game modes to watch and compete in, it will be interesting to see if some old duos reunited during Winter Royal!

Prize Pool

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BIG BUCKS: A grand total of £15 million is on offer

Epic Games is no stranger to announcing massive prize pools and Winter Royal does disappoint.

Winter Royal 2019 will feature a $15 million prize pool that will be spread over the course of three days; meaning $5 million will be awarded each day.

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It is unknown how the prize pool breakdown for each region will look, but as we have seen in the past regions such as Europe and North America East will have the largest prize pools!

Scoring Format

Released on December 9th, Epic Games has announced a new and unique scoring format across all three days of competition.

Below are the following formats per each day:

Day 1

Day 1 is perhaps the strangest format we have seen in a battle royal scoring format, the winning team of each match will be awarded 15 points and every other elimination is 1 point.

No other placement points will be awarded for this day.

Day 2

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Day 3

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Confirmed Winter Royale Duos

Epic Games has dropped the singles this year we will only be seeing duos in action over the three days of non-stop gameplay.


The most populated region in North America also has some of the most prominent players such as Fortnite World Cup solo winner Bugha and popular streamer Tfue.

The region also has some of the best duos in the world and they have already made their announcement!

Clix and Khanada

Bugha and Stretch

Cloud and Thwifo

Elevate and Clarityg

Other Duos

  • 72hrs and Cizlucky
  • Zexrow and Vinny
  • Calc and Mackwood
  • Dubs and Megga
  • Zayt and Saf
  • Ronaldo and Xxif
  • Ninja and Reverse2K
  • Nate Hill and Funk


Not to be outdone by their North American counterparts, some strong teams will be arriving from Europe to steal the prize.

Mongraal and Benjyfishy

Tschinken and Pusher

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