Fortnite Wordle: How to Play, Daily Answer & More

Fortnite fans who want to test their knowledge off of the battle royale field can rejoice as there is a brand new daily puzzle on the scene for you to complete. Fortle.

Yes, you read that right. Fortle is a fan-made "Wordle" style game that lets players guess a new Fortnite-related word each and every day.

Here's everything you need to know about Fortle including the current daily word for those that need some help.

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How to Play

Fortnite Wordle takes things from Fortnite and makes you guess them.
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The first thing that somebody wanting to play Fortnite Wordle is going to need to do is head over to the official webpage for the game to begin. Made by the website, Fortle is one of the featured tabs alongside a quiz.

The Fortnite Wordle daily puzzle has a daily streak for you to keep while also showing your statistics on how fast you can guess the word each day.

The puzzle resets every day at 9:00 PM BST / 4:00 PM EST / 1:00 PM PST

How to play Fortnite Wordle
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Much like the game of Wordle that it's inspired by, this Fortnite puzzle sees players trying to guess a five-letter word every day within six attempts.

Guesses are made by inputting letters and spelling out a word, after which any correct letters are revealed to the player to potentially help with their next guess.

In this game, purple squares represent a correct letter that isn't in the right spot and a gold/orange square represents a letter that is fully correct. Squares that remain blank are incorrect and cannot be guessed again.

Trying to use your guesses to find new words is the key to the game and Fortnite Wordle makes for a quick and easy daily puzzle to keep your brain active.

Daily Answer

The Fortnite Wordle Answer changes every day so if you're struggling to keep your streak going, below you can find a helpful little cheat sheet to help get that extra day.

Today - September 2nd 2022 (Couch)

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