How to earn fast XP in Fortnite Season 8

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The XP grind in Fortnite Season 8 is long gone after a very slow start to the Cubed season. Progress on the Battle Pass has been made much easier which is super helpful! Thankfully, Epic was listening and fixed the issues fairly early on.

Here's how you can earn some fast XP in Fortnite to ensure you get this seasons battle pass completed! We'll take you through some ways to get quick XP and even a farming method that many players still use at the end of their sessions.

LATEST - More Punchcards coming

In addition to new NPCs being added to Fortnite Season 8, we also now have confirmation that existing NPCs can receive new punchcards. In a future update that will see coffins added to the game, Dusk will also receive a new punchcard and quests.

It's not yet known if the new quests will replace the old ones or sit alongside them. One thing we do know is that the new set of quests will come in the boosted XP values of 30,000 per quest.

Quest XP Buffed

With Fortnite Update 18.10 came the introduction of four brand new NPCs. We also discovered that their quests will reward you with 30,000 XP per stage meaning XP has been drastically increased.

No word yet on if players who have completed quests already will be awarded additional XP or if this is just for new quests moving forward.

XP Grind Fix Coming

Fortnite has now acknowledged that earning XP in Fortnite Season 8 is a grind. To combat this, they will be revealing a solution on Wednesday, 29 September.

Farming XP in Fortnite - FIXED

*The below method for farming XP in Creative will be patched out of the game with Fortnite Update 18.40 on Tuesday, 16 November*

One of the main ways to earn some fast XP without even having to actively play the game is Creative Farming. You are rewarded with 25,200 XP every 15 minutes that you play in creative modes.

This bonus is awarded up to 5 times meaning 126,000XP can be earned with very little effort. In many cases you can be kicked for inactivity though, so we suggest the following AFK map code to help you stay active: 2258 - 1145 - 5835.

On this map, Creative AFK Grind, you can put your character in the never-ending loop on the map to stay active. After 75 minutes, you should have all of the XP banked and can pull your character out. This method should only be used if you can run the game AFK for a little while, it should not be used as a primary XP source.


In Fortnite Season 8, punchcards appear to have replaced weekly and daily quests. Each NPC has a punchcard and you can interact with them to get the ball rolling. Each NPC punchcard has 5 stages with XP increasing after each stage.

Fortnite Season 8 Punchcards
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Punchcards are more efficient than the previous weekly quests

There are also daily and weekly punchcards to help keep the XP rolling. Completing these should only take a few quick sessions for the weekly and maybe one or two games for the daily.

Party Assist

Playing squad-based game modes with friends and completing quests that are party-assist enabled will help build XP incredibly fast. This is because the actions of your whole team count towards the missions and thus you can complete them faster.

With quests updating in-game now, you can complete more quests for each match that you play. Having teammates just speeds this process up even further.


In-Game Actions

There are certain actions to can carry out in-game to earn some additional XP. These aren't going to level you up super fast, but add up if you're able to claim them. Actions like being the first to land, first elimination etc. all earn bonus XP.

Fortnite Victory Royale
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Just get the dub, we believe in you

Naturally, the better you do in games, the better your positional XP will be as well. Eliminations of course come with XP but taking certain actions early in a match can add to this.

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