How to Eliminate a Trespasser in Fortnite (Week 9 Legendary Quest)

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One of the Fortnite Week 9 Legendary quests is causing quite the stir as you're simply asked to eliminate a trespasser. Well, technically you're asked to eliminate three, but it's left players a bit confused as to who these trespassers in Fortnite are.

We've got your back though and we'll tell you how to eliminate a trespasser in Fortnite.

Trespasser Locations in Fortnite

Trespasser is another word for Kymera in this case. So when you're asked to eliminate a trespasser, you're actually being asked to eliminate a Kymera.

Fortunately, there are a few locations where they spawn so that you can take care of this quest a little quicker if you fancy the risk.

Fortnite Eliminate Trespasser
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Head to Holly Hatchery for the best chance to eliminate some trespassers

Holly Hatchery is currently an Alien Biome or low-gravity area and because of this, the Kymera are patrolling it to make sure no one who shouldn't be there sneaks in (ironic). If you drop nice a quick and head to Holly Hatchery, gear up with a weapon or two and definitely some shields, you can eliminate a trespasser or three in no time.

The downside to this is that everyone may be clamouring to complete this quest so Holly Hatcher might be a little bit spicy to land in. If the Alien Biomes are cleaned out before you get there, here's an alternate way to complete the quest.

Once the first storm is identified, UFOs will spawn on the map, they're more popular in the purple named POI, so be sure to take a look at which areas these are before moving. Once the UFOs spawn, take shots at them until they drop and a trespasser will pop out to see who is shooting at them.

Eliminate this trespasser and it counts all the same as the ones in Holly Hatchery. This is a much longer way of completing the quest but it gets the job done nonetheless. Next time, Fortnite, just call them Kymera and not trespassers!

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