How to find and damage Doctor Slone in Fortnite (Season 7, Week 10 Epic Quest)

Fortnite Season 7's lead NPC, Doctor Slone, has been handing us our weekly quests for some time now. Despite her position leading the IO, she's not invincible and as part of the Week 10 Epic Quests, we have to track Doctor Slone down and deal damage to her.

Here's how to find and damage Doctor Slone in Fortnite Season 7.

Doctor Slone Location

Doctor Slane be found in an underground IO bunker at Corny Complex. You will need to be very well prepared before taking on this task as you're not guaranteed to have a clean run at Doctor Slone.

Doctor Slone Action Shot
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Doctor Slone has been leading the fightback against the invaders

Inside the main barn at Corny Complex, you can find a few ways into the bunker below. You can take the main entrance and fight your way down the stairs or destroy the doors to the small basement on the outside of the barn.

The basement route is typically safer but this depends on how you're approaching the fight overall.

Dealing damage to Doctor Slone

Doctor Slone isn't a standard NPC, she's a Boss. This means she'll be much harder to take down, luckily, you're not being asked to eliminate her, just do damage.

Doctor Slone Battle Pass Season 7
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You can grab a Doctor Slone skin in the Season 7 Battle Pass

To do the required 50 damage, it will only take a few shots from any weapon. The hard part is surviving the retaliation. Not only will Doctor Slone fire back straight away, but all IO guards in the area will try and track you down too.

This can be helped by taking down some of the IO guards before you take on Doctor Slone. The main takeaway from this quest is that you'll need to be very well prepared before taking it on. It's entirely possible to drop into Corny Complex, head straight for Doctor Slone, do you damage and succumb to the IO, but where's the fun in that?

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