How to Find the Ferrari 296 GTB in Fortnite

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If you haven't already heard, and we wouldn't blame you if you hadn't given how busy this week has been, the Ferrari 296 GTB just dropped in Fortnite as a replacement for the Whiplash car. That's right, Ferrari and Fortnite have teamed up for a collab and it's 100% free for players to experience.

The trouble arises in getting your hands on one of these Ferraris in-game, as they're very limited. You need one to complete three of this weeks Epic quests too. The Ferrari will only be available in Fortnite until 6 October, so make sure you take advantage and drive one before they disappear forever!

Here's what we know about where the Ferrari 296 GTB currently spawns in Fortnite. Spoiler, you're going to need to be quick to grab one in a match.

Ferrari 296 GTB Spawn Locations

There are currently two known guaranteed spawn locations for the Ferrari 296 GTB in Fortnite. One is at the Believer Beach gas station, and the other is at the Lazy Lake gas station.

Fortnite Ferrari Locations
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LOCATIONS: Believer Beach and Lazy Lake are marked on this map

The caveat here is that in some games, the Ferrari will not spawn at the gas station but instead in the area, meaning much more ground to cover. Just try your best to land nice and early and spot the bright red car from above as you land.

Ferrari 296 GTB Top Speed


While the Ferrari has replaced the Whiplash in Fortnite, its top speed has been given a bit of a boost to differentiate the two. The Whiplash had a top speed of around 80mph whereas the Ferrari is believed to reach around 88mph.

When trying to reach the top speed you'll need to stick to straight roads and avoid bumps and obstacles. The best part about hitting top speed is that it's actually a quest requirement for one of this week's Epic quests