How To Get The Thanos Outfit In Fortnite

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Thanos broke Fortnite with his limited time mode a few years ago now, and he's returning to the island.

Starting 26 June, he will be added to the Fortnite store for the very first time, but you can get him early in another way.

You could have gotten your hands on the Thanos outfit, back bling, and spray early through the Fortnite Thanos Cup.

LATEST - First Look At Thanos In-Game

We've now got eyes on what the Thanos skin will look like in game. The tweet from @TweaBR shows the almighty villain in all his Fortnite glory.

Thanos Cup Rolling Out

One of the ways to get the Thanos skin in Fortnite, via the Thanos Cup, has begun to go live in certain regions.

Following some issues, players in Australia and Asia can now battle it out for the Thanos skin, with the tournament coming to other regions later today.

How To Earn The Thanos Fortnite Skin

If you choose to enter the Fortnite Thanos Cup, which takes place on 21 June, you can earn the Thanos bundle should you perform well enough.

Details are thin on the ground currently. Based on previous Fortnite tournaments, the usual start time in Europe is 5pm BST. It could also follow a similar point scoring format, meaning points for eliminating opponents and increasing points as you survive longer in each match.

The announcement of the Thanos Cup does state that the event will last three hours. It also states that players can play in up-to ten matches.

Unlike the Euro Cup, the Thanos Cup will be duos format. Make sure you grab a friend, preferably one who's good at Fortnite, and hit the island to earn your way into the prizes.

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What Is The Thanos Bundle

The Fortnite Thanos bundle that is up for grabs contains the Thanos skin and an Infinity Gauntlet back bling. The spray, which is the base reward for entering the cup and earning eight points, is not expected to be part of the bundle.

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If you aren't able to earn the bundle as part of the Thanos Cup, you will be able to purchase it from the store. The bundle will be available at 1am on 27 June. We do not have a confirmed cost for the bundle, but based on previous items, we anticipate anywhere between 1,600-2,000 V-Bucks.

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