How to Show Your FPS in Fortnite

When you are playing a battle royale like Fortnite or any competitive multiplayer game, there are a few variables that need to be considered to ensure you're getting all the advantages possible.

The biggest advantage you're going to want to look into is your framerate (FPS) as getting a higher framerate can easily give you the edge your need when chasing your next victory royale. How do you know what your FPS is in Fortnite? Here's how you can check it out for yourself.

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How to See Your Fortnite FPS?

It's worth mentioning that this setting only really applies to PC players of the game as console players tend to have specific FPS settings based on their version of the game. For next-gen consoles like Xbox Series S/X or PS5, this is a 60FPS mode and a 120FPS mode.

For PC players, FPS is something that isn't so fixed due to the large variety in systems and specifications within those systems. Some lower-end PCs may struggle to get the game running at 30FPS while higher-end ones could easily push 120FPS and beyond.

Fortnite FPS Setting in the menu
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To make your FPS visible, simply open the settings menu and head to the "video tab". Scroll down to the bottom of the page and find the "Show FPS" setting and make sure it's on.

Once it is activated, an FPS counter will be displayed at the bottom left of your screen, allowing you to keep track of your framerate while playing Fortnite.

The best way to use this setting is when you are trying to find out the capabilities of your PC. Set yourself a target framerate then change your graphics options in the video settings menu, testing them out in games every so often to see what average FPS you are getting until reach your target or close enough to it.

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