John Cena Is "Looking for more ways" to be involved in Fortnite

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The world of Fortnite crossovers appears to be constantly expanding in Season 3, with more characters and brands making their mark on the Battle Royale than ever before. The latest of these is the John Cena Fortnite crossover skin.

Introduced prior to WWE's August Pay-Per-View event Summerslam, the John Cena Fortnite outfit has proven to be popular amongst fans of the game and leader of the 'Cenation' alike. Now the man himself wants more John Cena Fortnite collaborations. Here's what that could mean.

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More John Cena Fortnite Skins in The Future?

According to the man himself, The response to the John Cena Fortnite skin was "overwhelming" and he's already looking for more ways to involve himself with the game and its community.

So what could this secondary John Cena Fortnite crossover look like? Well, the obvious answer would be another skin. Cena is well known for his vast array of colourful attires in the world of professional wrestling so seeing more outfit styles could be a step forwards but there is also a much more obvious angle they could take. Peacemaker.

Fortnite absolutely adores their comic-book crossovers with a massive amount of DC skins briefly being brought to the Fortnite Item Shop. This is where our next John Cena Fortnite appearance is likely to occur, with the 16-time world champ returning to Epic Games' battle royale not as the professional wrestler, but as his persona from the DCEU movies, Peacemaker.

Other Options For The John Cena Fortnite Crossover

The Rock's NPC potentially inspires the John Cena Fortnite crossover.
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Another potential route for the next John Cena Fortnite crossover could see the Dr of Thuganomics take a page from the book of fellow wrestler-turned-Hollywood superstar Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson who played a role in Chapter 3 Season 1 as both a playable character and as an NPC, being the leader of The Foundation.

Taking a similar role, having Cena be an antagonizing presence on the Fortnite island as a new character could be an excellent way to further engage himself within the Fortnite community. Only time will tell what the next John Cena Fortnite crossover will look like but what we do know is that we can't wait to see it.

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