Real Opinions: The Unsung Heroes of Fortnite - Ballatw, MonsterDFace, Shyo, Clay, and More

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Competitive Fortnite has been at a standstill since the inaugural Fortnite World Cup last July; although we just finished the latest FNCS portion. Many are still wondering if there is any hope for the future of the game.

Over the weekend we witnessed viewership at an all-time high for FNCS, proving once again that the interest is there; but has Epic lost touch with their community? 

Although it is unclear what Epic Games has plans for with competitive Fortnite, there have always been a few catalysts of the scene that have become the game’s most important voices.

Unparallel Dedication

Since the end of the Fortnite World Cup, we have only had one official Fortnite esports broadcast; which was during the FNCS Trios Grand Finals.

Since that event, which was held 22 September 2019, there have been two rounds of FNCS, Winter Royal 2020 and Dreamhack Winter and Summer. 

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FNCS - What will the next FNCS be?

Every single tournament that has been held over the course of the last seven to eight months has had one aspect consistent, the dedication shown by a few Fortnite casters. 

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Ballatw is perhaps the most respected and well-known figure within the Fortnite community. He was one of the main casters during the World Cup and has been very vocal on Twitter with the on-going issues with the community.

Against all the odds, Balla has remained one of the leading voices of Fortnite esports, there has never been someone more dedicated to improving the scene then Balla. 

Countless Hours

For those who do not know, Balla dedicates hours and hours of his time to making in-depth VOD reviews of certain players and casting these matches every weekend. However, he is not alone.

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PAIR - Balla was one of the influential voices during the World Cup

Alongside his casting duo, ShyoWager, the pair flew down to Anaheim for the Dreamhack Anaheim event. Without an official broadcast for the event, the two took it upon themselves to serve the community as best as they could.

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Rigging up a full streaming setup towards the back of the player setups, the pair casted, interviewed, and held a proper broadcast during the entire event.

Going out of their way to the highest degree, they had one goal in mind; and that was to serve the community better then they deliver, and this is what they have always done. 

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GRIND - The two are beyond dedicated to the scene.


We cannot talk about dedication to the Fortnite scene without talking about ClaySterling and MonsterDFace; the former is one of the most passionate casters in the community.

Similar to other Fortnite casters, Clay has streamed most of the in-game events and cast alongside them all the time. Putting immense energy into each stream, you will find top-notch casting whenever you stumble upon one of his streams.

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Although Clay was not chosen to cast during the Fortnite World Cup; that did not stop him. He is now seen as one of the premier Fortnite casters, and the community should embrace the hard work and loyalty he has shown to the Fortnite scene. 

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ATTENTION - The dynamic casting squad of Practice Server!

MonsterDFace has also been one of the most recognizable faces of the Fortnite competitive scene since its beginning days.  His unmatched charisma, passion, knowledge, and overall positivity for the scene are seen in no-one else. Another member of the community that at its core, has made everyone around him better.

Down Under

There also numerous other Fortnite community members that time and time again have shown they have the dedication to this game, amidst the on-going struggles the community is having with Epic Games.

From down south, the Australian caster AussieAntics is one of the driving forces of the OCE region. He has grown his stream into the premier destination for OCE content and is one of the best casters we have in the game. 

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UNDER - Aussie is the premier caster for the OCE region.

Other members that have shown unparalleled dedication and drive to the Fortnite scene are Epic Game’s very own, Sundown. The current player analyst for the game has some of the most extensive player knowledge we have ever seen.

Essentially knowing every player that can place at the top, their in’s and outs; and not only does Sundown know this for PC players. He has shown extensive knowledge of console and mobile players. Although Sundown is not as active as some of the other casters, perhaps due to his association with Epic.

No Matter The Odds

The Fortnite community is one that has seen the highest of peaks being the Fortnite World Cup and even before during the Fall and Summer Skirmishes.

To now, where a lot of the community has felt a disconnect from the developers for quite some time now.

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WINNER - Who will win the next Fortnite LAN?

We all appreciate the amount of money and events that Epic puts on for us, however, there is still a large disconnect with the community.

There are numerous bugs that have been affecting professional players for nearly a year now.

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We witnessed during the FNCS Finals multiple players not able to load into one of their games, their games crashing or other bugs that have been relevant for quite some time now.

There is also the issue that players have voiced these issues on Twitter and other platforms for months now, but there is never an explanation from Epic Games into these issues.


The community has shown the dedication and love it has for Fortnite esports; it is a game that has made hundreds of players career that they are forever grateful for.

But, the community can only go on so long based on passion alone. There needs to be a more stable route of communication between Epic and the players, for if not; the effort and dedication from the players and the community will be all but forgotten.

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ASTRO WORLD - The recently announced Travis Scott event is going to be insane!

We want this scene to thrive and we know it can, we just need a more balanced system in place. Embrace the members of the community that have shown so much love and effort towards your game.

So thank you to all the loyal, dedicated members of the Fortnite community; for giving the game that we all love, a stable and reliable voice we can always count on. 

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