What is the Overshield in Fortnite Season 2?

Like with the arrival of any new Fortnite Season, there are a plethora of new features and mechanics to learn. One of the big ones from Season 2 is the Overshield.

This brand new mechanic is one that will likely save your life a few times in tough matches! What is the Overshield and how does it work? Let us take you through everything you need to know!

Fortnite Season 2 Overshield

The Overshield is a brand new feature in Fortnite Season 2 that grants every player an additional 50 shields with no need to pick up an item.

fortnite overshields
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You'll notice a little shield icon down by where your health and regular shields are located. This is your Overshield and it's well worth keeping an eye on during matches. It acts as a primary shield meaning that once you take damage, it will empty before your regular shields or health are affected.

It's capped at 50 points and will automatically refill once damaged or depleted. You will need to find a safe spot to lay low while the refill process starts though as it isn't instant. There is currently no way to improve or upgrade your Overshield in any way so its capacity is fixed at 50 for now.

Some have suggested that the Overshield has been added to compensate for the removal of building but that is only a short term deal. Building is expected to return soon and the Overshields would not prevent storm damage if you get caught.

It appears that Overshields are here to stay for at least the duration of Fortnite Season 2 and maybe even longer if they prove to be enough of a hit with the players. For now, enjoy the added protection and earn yourself some Victory Royales in the process!

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