FPL Double Gameweeks - Everything you need to know for GW20 & beyond

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Fantasy Premier League (FPL) 2022/23 is entering its 20th Gameweek of the season and with the next round of FA Cup and Champions League fixtures coming up, more Double Gameweeks are on the way!

So, find out everything we know so far about the upcoming Double Gameweeks in Fantasy below.

Double Gameweek 20

The following teams have a confirmed double in Gameweek 20:

  • Manchester City: Manchester United (A), Tottenham Hotspur (H)
  • Tottenham Hotspur: Arsenal (H), Manchester City (A)

Please note, both of these doubles are subject to neither side being involved in an FA Cup third-round replay.

Double Gameweek 23

The following teams have a confirmed double in Gameweek 23:

  • Manchester City: Aston Villa (H), Arsenal (A)
  • Arsenal: Brentford (H), Manchester City (A)

Outstanding Premier League fixtures

A number of Premier League fixtures are currently outstanding and will be rescheduled, potentially resulting in Double Gameweeeks in Fantasy:

  • Bournemouth v Brighton (originally in Gameweek 7)
  • Leicester v Aston Villa (originally in Gameweek 7)
  • Liverpool v Wolves (originally in Gameweek 7)
  • Southampton v Brentford (originally in Gameweek 7)
  • Arsenal v Everton (originally in Gameweek 7)
  • West Ham v Newcastle (originally in Gameweek 7)
  • Crystal Palace v Man Utd (originally in Gameweek 7)
  • Leeds v Nottm Forest (originally in Gameweek 7)
  • Brighton v Crystal Palace (originally in Gameweek 8)
  • Man Utd v Leeds (originally in Gameweek 8)
  • Chelsea v Liverpool (originally in Gameweek 8)

Potential upcoming Double Gameweeks

Manchester United could play twice in Gameweek 20.

Either Leeds United (H) or Crystal Palace (A) could be added to the current United fixture schedule.

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RED DEVIL ON FIRE - Rashford is a must-have in Fantasy at the moment

This will happen if the following occurs:

  • Manchester United win their FA Cup third-round match v Everton without requiring a replay.
  • Either Leeds United or Crystal Palace win/lose their FA Cup third-round matches outright without requiring a replay.

In addition, we are expecting further Double Gameweeks in 29, 34 and 37.

It’s all speculation at this stage, of course. However, we shouldn’t have to wait long for an official announcement on the upcoming doubles.

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