Does The Genshin Impact Story Have An Ending?

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For anyone who has played Genshin Impact, it's abundantly clear that the lore which underpins the game is vast and thoroughly intriguing.

It'll likely take some time for players to wrap their heads around the many storylines unfolding.

Whilst others might simply be wondering if it has a definitive endpoint to the hugely engrossing story. Here's everything we know, so far...


First, Some Backstory

When players are first introduced to the games twin travellers, we're immediately made aware at the fact that there are multiple worlds within the game.

After a clash with the Unknown God, the twins are left separated and stuck in Teyvat.

For clarity, the gender and name of the sibling will entirely depend on the player's choice at the beginning of the game during their fight against the Unknown God.

So should players opt for a female character, the lost sibling is a male named Aether, while if the player chooses a male character, the lost sibling becomes a female named Lumine.

From here begins the journey to find 'the Seven' as a means to reuniting with the lost sibling.

Six months have passed since the game launched and we are still within the region of Liyue with no new leads as to when we'll visit the next region of Inazuma, both story-wise and update-wise.


Adding onto that would be the mysterious region of Khaenri'ah, the elusive Celestia that floats over all of Teyvat, and finally, the Unknown God that kickstarted the game's events in the first place.

Genshin Impact Ending Predictions

It is a very long road before the story in Teyvat comes to a close, and even by then there would be a lot of questions that might need answering.

One of the most pressing questions is simply the origin of the world-hopping Travelers, or the fact that a certain dragon appeared in a trailer for fellow MiHoYo game Honkai Impact 3rd.

Genshin Impact's take on worldbuilding has left a lot of pathways open to take the story in interesting ways, but it is still a story through and through.

Personally, I think Genshin Impact will definitely have an ending; already early on there are pieces being slowly set to build up the true of the conflict, and whatever or whoever it would definitely be the closing chapter to the tale of Teyvat.

From a business standpoint, it might sound bad, but its lore and development is striking enough that it should be given a finale worthy of the traveller's tale that set the story for the search of family and truth in motion.

But that finale is likely very far away at this stage.