Genshin Impact: Single Wishes vs Multi Rolls

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Before any wish, every Genshin Impact player is left with a choice to either roll once individually, or roll a group of ten.

The odds are always the same between two choices, but the experience always varies between players.

Some get lucky with a random single pull or a desperate last throw, and others cash everything in and decide to make things go faster.


All players have the option, but when should you actually go for singles or for multiple rolls?

Here's what we think...

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In any multiple roll in Genshin Impact, you are guaranteed at least one 4-star drop in your wishes, be it a character or a weapon.

There’s already a deep dive into the percentage of drops, but the mindset is that you’re looking to splurge a little and leave fate up to chance.

You’re already guaranteed a 4-star drop already; any more would just be icing on the cake.


This is the route most F2P players take due to how scarce Primogems are as a resource in Genshin Impact.

Every single pull is in the hopes of getting lucky and being able to save for a future character or weapon release.

There also seems to be a fact that the 4-star pity timer is counted individually, compared to the multi-roll where the timer will only reset at the last item that appears.

Singles are meant for efficiency, looking to summon as many rare drops as possible.


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Conclusion - Which would we pick?

Personally, this writer would rather do single pulls.

As a player who doesn't really spend any money on the game at all, and watching all the hard-earned Primogems go in a flash after months of grinding will feel extremely bad.

As much as the multi rolls provide quick results to get me back into the game, there is always a chance of getting lucky off of a single pull being the one to bring the featured character home.