Genshin Impact 2.0: Inazuma's Sacred Sakura Upgrade Guide

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The Sacred Sakura is the protagonist of one of the most interesting quests in the new map of Genshin Impact (The Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual).

The journey for cleansing the roots of this tree gives you the recipe for the new F2P catalyst as reward: The Hakushin Ring. But this cherry tree with the shape of two foxes is part of other missions and a fixture similar to the Frostbearing Tree in Dragon Spine.

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How to Upgrade the Sacred Sakura

Genshin Impact decided to change this mechanic for Inazuma. Now, you have to collect "Electro Sigils" to Upgrade the Sacred Sakura's Favor, instead of buying items from a shop.

Some of the rewards are similar to the ones you could get with Sigils from other elements but the level of favor also affects the way you interact with the map. There are some parts that you will not have access to until you reach the highest levels of favor.

In order to start upgrading your Sacred Sakura, you have to visit the Grand Narukami Shrine.

Sacred Sakura and Electrograna

As we mentioned before, when you upgrade the favor of the Sacred Sakura, this has an effect in the map. Here they are:

  1. Electrograna: The Electrograna orbs let you pass through or use Thunder Barriers/Thunder Spheres.
  2. Eternal Current: Electrograna will recharge the energy of Electro characters if their meter is below 50%.
  3. Continuation I: Electrograna duration increased to 20 seconds.
  4. Coordinated Attack, Stormlight: Electrograna cast lighting bolts every 6 seconds when Electro characters damage opponents.
  5. Negation II: Electrograna can block 8 instances of damage from Inazuma’s environmental hazards. (i.e the thunders strikes in Yashiori Island)
  6. Barrier Breaker II: Characters carrying Electrograna can pass through intermediate-level Thunder Barriers.
  7. Coordinated Attack, Stormwind: Coordinated attack/lightning bolts have lower cooldown (4 seconds).
  8. Continuation II: Electrograna duration increased to 25 seconds.
  9. Coordinated Attack, Tempest: Each Electro character in the party will increase the damage of coordinated attacks by 20%.
  10. Coordinated Attack, Stormfall: Every 3 coordinated attacks cause a lightning blast AoE.
  11. Negation III: Electrograna can block 10 instances of damage from Inazuma’s environmental hazards.
  12. Barrier Breaker III: Characters carrying Electrograna can pass through advanced-level Thunder Barriers.
  13. Coordinated Attack, Resonant Storm: Each Electro character in the party will increase the damage of lightning blasts by 30%.
  14. Continuation III: Electrograna duration increased to 30 seconds.
  1. Coordinated Attack. Stormtrigger: The number of coordinated attacks required to produce the Electrograna lightning blast is reduced to 2.

Keep in mind that the current Sigils are not enough to upgrade the "Sacred Sakura" to Max Levels. It will be necessary to wait for the Inazuma regions that we will discover in the upcoming upgrades.

Sigils, Anemo, Geo, Electro

Every region has some exclusive tokens that can be collected through map exploration, treasure chests, bounty completions, and as quest rewards .

The name of this token is Sigils. There's the Anemo Sigils, Geo Sigils, and now the latest; Electro Sigils.

  • In Monstadt, you could exchange your Anemo Sigils in the "With Wind Comes Glory Souvenir Shop"
  • In Liyue, you could exchange your Geo Sigils in "The Mingxing Jewelry Shop"

In these shops, the items can only be bought once. You can find material to level up heroes: one billet for a craft weapon and one Constellation to Upgrade your Traveler.