Genshin Impact 2.6: Fatui Action Log Hidden Quest Guide

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The Genshin Impact underground area of the Chasm, at first sight, is a complex system of mines. After some exploration, however, it's revealed as the vast lands of an ancient civilization.

There are many secrets waiting to be found in The Chasm, including things like ruins, endemic species and vegetation, and rivers. Along the way, there are also some hidden quests!

Here is our walkthrough for the hidden Fatui Action Log Millennial Mountains Quest in Genshin Impact 2.6, including all of its locations and requirements.


Fatui Action Logs

The Fatui is a religious-military force from the land of the Cryo Nation. The elite agents seem to be always present in conflict areas in Teyvat, and The Chasm is no exception.

The Fatui follow the orders of the Tsaritsa, the Cryo Archon, whose plan is to obtain all six Gnosis from the different Archons.

In the Fatui Action Logs, the traveler will collect four different file pieces that will reveal the Fatui's plans in The Chasm and the findings of their investigation.

If Not Us, Then Who?

By retrieving the fours pieces of the Fatui Logs, players will unlock the secret achievement, If not Us, Then Who?

The ma below show the location of the four objectives:

Fatui Logs in Genshin Impact 2.6
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Credit: Hoyolab Interactive Map
The Shield and Sword icon shows the location of the Fatui Logs

Fatui Camp in the mines

The first location is the cliff area between the underground waters and the main mining area, at the beginning of the river.

Fatui Camp in Genshin Impact 2.6
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Fatui Camp in the chasm with one of the four Fatui Logs.

Ruins in Stony Halls

The second piece is inside a room in the ruins of Stony Halls, in the are near the big purple mud.

Small Camp in Nameless Ruins

The third piece is found at the basement entrance in the west buildings of the Nameless Ruins.

Fatui Logs part 3
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Credit: Kwwxis
Next to the small camp stove players can find the third piece of the Fatui Logs

Tent in Glowing Narrows

The last part of the Fatui Logs is found in the south area of The Chasm. Players will run into a small blue tent by walking inside the tunnel of the Glowing Narrows.


For completing this quest, players get the following rewards:

  • Secret Achievement: If Not Us, Then Who?
  • Primogems

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