Genshin Impact 2.8 Tier List: Best DPS, Sub-DPS, Support, & Enabler Characters

Genshin Impact 2.8 has brought the introduction of Heizou as well as some changes in the Spiral Abyss that seem to be shaking things up in the meta.

With this in mind, here's our Genshin Impact tier list for version 2.8 covering the best DPS, Sub-DPS, Supports, and Enablers.

Genshin Impact Tier List: Best Characters in Version 2.8

The following tier lists separate Genshin Impact characters into four grades, where S tiers are the best and C-Tier are the least viable characters currently.

We'll be rating the characters across their performances in each role as created by the Genshin Impact community, roles that include main DPS, sub-DPS, supports, and enablers.

The list also considers the number of constellations a character requires to shine brightest.

  • Main DPS
    • The primary source of DMG. Most teams are designed around enabling these characters' abilities.
    • Despite having the spotlight, most characters can play this role in Genshin Impact with enough investment.
  • Sub DPS
    • Characters that can provide an additional source of Elemental Damage for your team.
    • They mostly rely on their Elemental Skills and Elemental Bursts.
  • Supports
    • These characters offer a utility role in the team, providing buffs, healing, cleansing, shields, and reducing enemies' defenses.
    • In Genshin Impact, this is the most crucial category. Great supports can change the way your team performs considerably.
  • Elemental Enablers
    • These types of characters are meant to boost a specific Elemental skill in a team.
    • They are generally from the same element as the DPS or Sub-DPS to create Elemental Resonance.
    • Sometimes enablers are replaced by a second support character in team compositions.

Best Main DPS

With the arrival of Heizou few things change in the top of damage dealers in Genshin Impact 2.8, while Ayaka C0 and Ganyu C0 are still strong characters, they have been displaced by new teams.

Vape Teams are back to claim the crown, Xianling is the best Pyro DPS followed by Hu Tao C1.

Heizou is a very efficient Free to Play damage dealer, with the right build he can punch for big numbers.

Best Sub-DPS

Yelan is currently the best Sub-DPS followed closely by the Raiden Shogun.

Raiden Shogun C0 is the best battery in the game, but Yelan DMG output is quite strong.

At the same time, Electro Teaser teams are becoming more popular in Genshin Impact, therefore Beidou C2 is sitting in a good position in the current meta as well.

  • Tier S
  • Tier A
    • Beidou C2, Venti C0, Fischl C6, Yae Miko C0
  • Tier B
  • Tier C
    • Lisa C2, Amber C6, Traveler Electro C6, Traveler Anemo C6.

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Best Supports

Kazuha remains the best support in the game, as his abilities enhance the powers of character of all elements.

Meanwhile, Bennett & the Geo Archon remain among the best despite all the game's changes.

Finally, Kokomi is a staple character for her impressive healing, and Diona and Sucrose are becoming ingredients to some powerful F2P teams.

  • Tier S
    • Zhongli C0, Bennet C1, Kazuha C0, Kokomi C0
  • Tier A
    • Diona C6, Mona C0, Sucrose C1, Yun Jin C2
  • Tier B
    • Jean C0, Sayu C1, Barbara C0, Kuki Shinobu C0
  • Tier C
    • Qiqi C0

Best Elemental Enablers

The Elemental Enabler role has a smaller representation in Genshin Impact. All the same, Hoyoverse has chosen to release some niche or elemental-focused characters in recent updates.

The two standout characters in this role include Shenhe C0, who offers a massive boost to Cryo DMG, and K. Sara C6, who increases Critical Hits for the Electro element.

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