Genshin Impact 3.1 Leaks: Sumeru Desert Map, Release Date, Landmarks, Enemies, Characters, & Latest News

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Genshin Impact 3.1 will be a complete change of scenery for the game according to recent leaks coming from the beta version. We will jump from the Avydia Rainforest to an arid land with plenty of deserts.

The region known to the community as the Sumeru Desert was the land of an ancient kingdom under the rule of the Scarlet King. The eremites are descendants of this civilization.

We also know that Cyno and Candace, both characters from the desert region, will be released in Genshin Impact 3.1 along with the new map.

With that, here are all the latest Genshin Impact 3.1 leaks that reveal its region, characters, enemies, and more.

Genshin Impact 3.1 Release Date

The new Genshin Impact 3.1 update will go live on September 28, 2022, the same as the Second Anniversary and Ayaka's Birthday.

Most likely, the Sumeru Desert will require completing a quest to have access to the new map.

Genshin Impact 3.1 Leaks

Sumeru Desert Map & Locations

The first part of Sumeru's Desert will be released on Genshin Impact 3.1. Judging by the borderline of the map, we can expect more desertic regions in the future.

Desert in Genshin Impact
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Credit: Genshin Mains
Cover Art leaked of the new map from the Genshin Impact 3.1 Beta

The new landscape stretches the map's sandy plains with dunes, canyons, and caves. We will find ruins covered in the sand, guarded by complex machines of unknown technology.

In the map below we can see the areas that will be added to Genshin Impact 3.1.

Genshin Impact 3.1 new region according to recent leaks
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Credit: Ubatcha
Genshin Impact 3.1 new region according to recent leaks

The Desert in Sumeru will have three new Statues of The Seven, 14 teleport waypoints, and one new domain. And travelers will encounter plenty of new foes along the way.

New Enemies

The new area will be highly populated with bases of the Eremites, we can expect new creatures, we need to wait to see if the heat and sand will affect our characters.

Inside the ruin of the Scarlet King civilization, we will find the autonomous machines that helped to construct the temples that are now under the sand.

These are the two new World Bosses coming to Genshin Impact 3.1:

Control Matrix

  • This Autonomous Machine can change shape and move very fast while attacking.
    • Ascension material: Light Guiding Tetrahedron
      • Material to level-up Candace
Control Matrix: World boss in Genshin Impact 3.1
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Credit: Genshin Mains
Control Matrix: World boss in Genshin Impact 3.1

Blight Drake

  • We will discover a new Abyss Automaton which resembles a Gargoyle, an evolution from the Ruin Drake Earthguards from version 3.0.
    • Ascension material: Perpetual Caliber
      • Material to level-up Nilou
Blightdrake in Genshin Impact 3.1
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The last Automaton from Abyss Technology is known as the Blightdrake

New Characters

Genshin Impact 3.1 will be strongly inspired by the Egyptian Civilization:


  • An Akademiya scholar in charge of the disciplinary ministry, his outfit and abilities resemble the God Anubis, even his weapon it is a staff similar to those of the deities of the Nile River.


  • A tall female character that is based on the legend of Kandake, known as the Queen Mother.
  • Candace's character design borrows elements from Cleopatra and Egyptian symbols. She carries a spear and a golden shield.

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