Genshin Impact 'Chili Con Cloudy’ World Quest Guide in Chenyu Vale

Chilli Con Cloudy

Chilli Con Cloudy

The Chenyu Vale region in Genshin Impact has recently introduced the Chili Con Cloudy World Quest. Within this quest, players are tasked with assisting an elderly gentleman named Wenhua in retrieving his Sumpter Beast from the Treasure Hoarders.

As the quest unfolds, an unforeseen race ensues, ultimately revealing a concealed achievement known as Swift Acceptance.

To aid you in successfully navigating the Chili Con Cloudy quest and obtaining its rewards, here is a comprehensive guide.

How to unlock 'Chili Con Cloudy'

There are two ways for players to begin the Chili Con Cloudy quest. They can either teleport to the Statue of The Seven near Qiaoying Village and head southeast to find Wenhua at a camp where she is seeking help.

Alternatively, players can teleport to the waypoint east of Yaodie Valley in Liyue to directly reach the Treasure Hoarders' camp. Defeating the enemies in the vicinity will automatically initiate the quest, introducing Wenhua and another character named Tusheng.

Chilli Con Cloudy in Genshin Impact
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Chilli Con Cloudy

Rescuing the Sumpter Beast

By following the quest markers, players will come across gleaming spots on the ground that expose the Mora dropped by the captive Sumpter Beast, Yun. Once all the Treasure Hoarders are defeated, a reunion cutscene between Wenhua and Yun is triggered.

It is worth noting that if Yun is released before dealing with all the Treasure Hoarders, the Sumpter Beast will lend its assistance to the players during the battle.

The Sumpter Beast Race

Following the rescue, players are guided to Wenhua's camp, where the two Sumpter Beasts, Yun and Chili, make preparations for an exhilarating race. The race takes an unforeseen turn, resulting in a pause due to hunger. Tusheng kindly provides Sunsettia to the beasts, creating a touching moment as both Sumpter Beasts relish the delicious fruits.

Tips for Success

In order to optimize the benefits, players are advised to investigate gleaming areas on the terrain near the designated quest marker. Releasing Yun prior to vanquishing all the Treasure Hoarders enables the Sumpter Beast to provide assistance during battles.

Furthermore, by triumphing over the Treasure Hoarders for the first time in a particular location, players can obtain an Exquisite Chest and valuable Liyue Reputation EXP.

Swift Acceptance achievement

Upon reaching the end of the race, participants will find satisfaction in completing the Chili Con Cloudy quest, as they will be granted 30 Primogems, 20,000 Mora, and the highly sought-after Swift Acceptance achievement.

Additionally, those who triumph over the Treasure Hoarders in this particular area for the first time will gain access to an Exquisite Chest containing five Primogems.

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