Genshin Impact Chizhang Wall puzzle guide

Chizhang Wall Puzzle

Chizhang Wall Puzzle

Chenyu Vale has expanded the world of Genshin Impact, making it even bigger. Over the years, the game has incorporated various exploration mechanics, with puzzles being a popular feature in the game's overworld.

The newest puzzle to tackle in Chenyu Vale is the Chizhang Wall Puzzle, which holds valuable treasures.

In this comprehensive guide, we will provide a step-by-step breakdown of how to solve the Chizhang Wall Puzzle and claim the exciting rewards that lie within.

Cracking the Chizhang Wall Puzzle

The Chizhang Wall puzzle comprises several steps, which include acquiring Fragrant Wood "Huangcong" and Fragrant Wood "Chizhang," unlocking the sealed gate, gathering Broken Jade Fragments, and presenting them to a Jade Pendant. Below is a detailed explanation of the puzzle-solving procedure:

1. Fragrant Wood "Huangcong":

  • Please proceed to the designated waypoint in close proximity to the remnants of the Chizhang Wall for teleportation.
  • Strategically position pillars to unlock gates as you navigate through a sequence of green node puzzles.
  • Collect the Fragrant Wood "Huangcong" and a Precious Chest.

2. Fragrant Wood "Chizhang":

  • Explore the ruins located south of the Statue of the Seven near Chizhang Wall by teleporting to the area.
  • Engage in deciphering a fresh collection of enigmas entailing pillars, gates, and structures in order to acquire Fragrant Wood "Chizhang" and a Precious Chest.

3. Unlock the Sealed Gate:

  • Enter the central ruins of the Chizhang Wall and engage with the shrine located at its core.
  • Unveil the Jade Pendant by presenting the Fragrant Woods to unlock the entrance.

4. Collect Broken Jade Fragments:

  • Find and gather Broken Jade Fragments from designated areas within Chenyu Vale.

5. Offer the Fragments to the Pendant:

  • Engage with the Pendant located on the Chizhang Wall and present the accumulated Jade Fragments.
Chizhang Wall Puzzle in Genshin Impact
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Chizhang Wall Puzzle
  • Experience the thrill of instantly transporting yourself to a new destination, where a Luxurious chest awaits your arrival.

Understanding the Fragrant Woods

  • Fragrant Wood "Huangcong": Accessible via complex green node puzzles in the vicinity of the Chizhang Wall remnants.
  • Fragrant Wood "Chizhang": Discovered through the resolution of puzzles near the Statue of the Seven, which encompass pillars, gates, and structures.

Unlocking the Diffuser Inscription

  • The Diffuser Inscription plays a crucial role in deciphering the Chizhang Wall enigma.
Chizhang Wall Puzzle in Genshin Impact
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Chizhang Wall Puzzle
  • To open the gate, players must obtain two Fragrant Woods and present them at the Diffuser Inscription.

Defeating the Ruin Grader

  • Players will encounter a Ruin Grader upon entering through the opened gate.
  • Upon vanquishing the Ruin Grader, players shall be bestowed with a Luxurious Chest as a token of their triumph, thereby concluding the Chizhang Wall expedition.

Understanding the Puzzle mechanics

To successfully solve the Chizhang Wall Puzzle, players need to strategically acquire Fragrant Woods, unlock gates, and gather Jade Fragments. By following the aforementioned steps, players can guarantee their triumph in deciphering this intricate puzzle.

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