Genshin Impact ‘The Roaming Abode’ World Quest Guide in Chenyu Vale

The Roaming Abode

The Roaming Abode

Chenyu Vale has recently been introduced to the vast world of Teyvat in Genshin Impact. Similar to other regions within the game, it brings along its own set of captivating love and world quests.

Among these quests is an intriguing one called "Chenyu's Blessings of Sunken Jade," which can be initiated by players. This particular quest serves as an introduction to the mysterious character known as Xiangjun.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into a detailed analysis of the quest, providing a step-by-step walkthrough and valuable tips to successfully complete the 'The Roaming Abode' quest in Genshin Impact.

How to trigger The Roaming Abode quest

The Roaming Abode journey begins by finishing the "Chenyu's Blessings of Sunken Jade" World Quest in Genshin Impact. Following that, players are required to make their way to the Teatree Slope waypoint and gracefully descend towards the river in the western direction.

It is there that they will come across Xiangjun, who can be found on a raft. It is crucial to remember that Xiangjun can only be seen during the nighttime, commencing from 7 PM, which introduces the aspect of time management into the quest.

The Roaming Abode quest walkthrough

1. Locating Clues with Xiangjun:

  • Upon commencing the quest, gamers accompany Xiangjun to an deserted encampment where they stumble upon a message revealing her grandfather's perilous expedition through treacherous shortcuts infested with monsters.
  • By vanquishing Hilichurls and shattering a boulder, an obscure cavern is unveiled, providing further hints regarding grandpa's odyssey towards Mt. Xuanlian.

2. Removing the Green Barrier:

  • Upon leaving the cave, one will encounter a verdant obstruction in close proximity to Mt. Xuanlian. This obstacle can be overcome by engaging with circular pressure plate platforms.
  • To surmount this challenge, players have the option to employ a Geo character or tactically position a statue, thus granting them entry into the cave where they will discover the awaited blessed water.

3. Uncle Luo's Revelation:

  • Upon their return to Qiaoying Village, players embark on a quest to gather information from Uncle Luo regarding Xiangjun and her late grandfather.
The Roaming Abode in Genshin Impact
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The Roaming Abode
  • However, an unexpected turn of events takes place when it is unveiled that Xiangjun is merely a figment of imagination, and her beloved grandfather departed from this world three years ago.

4. Watering the Divine Plant:

  • In spite of the disclosures, players are directed towards the residence of the grandfather in order to irrigate a "sacred plant" using the acquired consecrated water.
The Roaming Abode in Genshin Impact
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The Roaming Abode
  • Allowing a day to pass enables the sacred plant to germinate, granting players a 4-star fragment of the Echoes of the Offering artifact.

The Roaming Abode rewards

Upon successfully finishing The Roaming Abode quest, players will be rewarded with a generous bundle of prizes as a gesture of gratitude for their hard work and dedication:

  • Primogems: x40
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore: x4
  • Mora: 30,000
  • Hero's Wit: x4

Also, players will get the Xiangjun's Dreams Achievement.

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