Genshin Impact Bough Keeper Quest Questions and Answers To Make Dainsleif Like You

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Genshin Impact's 1.3 update launched this week, bringing new quests, characters and seasonal events.

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Bough Keeper Quest


One of the new quests added in the 1.3 update is the Bough Keeper quest.

This quest has players answering questions from Dainslief.

It is more of a personality test rather than an answer being right or wrong.

How To Start The Quest?

To begin the Bough Keeper quest, first, you need to talk to Kathryn in Mondstadt.

She will direct you to the upper floor of the local tavern where you will find Dainsleif.

Genshin Impact Dainsleif Bough Keeper Quest
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Then pay Dainsleif 500 Mora to begin the questions.

The Questions

Here are all of the questions and the three possible answers for each one.

Question 1

“The crisis Mondstadt faced was resolved by an alliance between yourself and that… Anemo Archon who calls himself Venti. Who, in your view, was the key to ending that crisis?”

  • It was Venti
  • It was me
  • The unity of Mondstadt’s people gave us the victory

To match Dainsleif's personality you need to choose the third answer.

Question 2

“Rex Lapis, who has defended Liyue Harbor for millenia on end, used his Gnosis to play down a Contract to End All Contracts, of which the stipulations are unknown. Who do you think will defend Liyue Harbor in the future, now that they’ve lost their deity?”

  • The adepti
  • The Liyue Qixing
  • Everyone in Liyue Harbor

Once again, choose the third answer.

Question 3

“This world has people who gained Visions, and those who did not. Which of the two do you think hold more importance in the eyes of the gods?”

  • Those with Visions
  • Those without Visions
  • Perhaps… none of them do

I'm sensing a theme here, choose option three.

And there we go, three questions, three answers, not sure what the point of it was but I'm guessing Dainsleif likes you a little bit more than when you started.

If not, then he just robbed you of 500 Mora and then give you a pop quiz.

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