Genshin Impact Clearwater Jade Locations and Best Farming Route

Player stands in front of Clearwater Jade

Player stands in front of Clearwater Jade

Want to know where you can get lots of Clearwater Jade? In Genshin Impact, in order to level up your characters, you'll need to explore the map to collect lots of materials.

If you want to ascend the new character Xianyun who was introduced in the latest Version 4.4 update, you'll need to gather plenty of Clearwater Jade. In this guide, we'll take you through the Genshin Impact Clearwater Jade locations and the best farming route.

Clearwater Jade farming guide

In the 4.4 Chenyu Vale region, specifically at the Southern Mountain of Chenyu Vale, a total of 84 Clearwater Jades are waiting to be discovered. It's a Local Specialty, which means you won't find these anywhere else. You can find 70 of these materials within Chenyu Vale and behind Jadestone Turtles.

They look like green jelly, but they're actually hard stones that need to be destroyed to be collected. Usually, you can break them off the backs of Jadestone Turtles.

A screenshot of player hitting a Jadestone Turtle to get Clearwater Jade.
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Around Yaodie Valley, 9 Clearwater Jades can be interacted with near shattered structures, while the remaining 5 are available for purchase from Fengtai at Yilong Wharf. They cost 1000 Mora each, and get restocked every three days.

Several Clearwater Jades are tied to quests, and you'll need to complete them before you can access the material spawn points. In Yaodie Valley within Chenyu Vale, nine one-time Clearwater Jades are found near damaged structures, with three available at each site. Note that once you grab them, they do not respawn like other Clearwater Jades.

As for the regular Clearwater Jade, they respawn every 48 hours after collection, much like other Ascension materials found in the wild. If you run out, you can drop into a friend's world and collect their materials too.

For efficient Jade collection, use Claymore characters like Diluc, Noelle, and Beidou. Charged attacks from Ningguang, Klee, Yanfei, and Zhongli's Elemental Skill are also effective in obtaining them.

Additionally, Qiqi, who has the passive talent "Former Life Memories," can help you highlight nearby Liyue specialties on the minimap. To optimise your character speed during farming, consider consuming items like Fruity Trio, which enhances your Stamina for a while.

Clearwater Jade locations and best farming route

The journey begins near Chenyu Vale Statues of the Seven, south of the eastern Chenyu Vale, which is on the right side of the map. This is where you'll find the initial set of Clearwater Jades. Continue to the beach south of Chenyu Vale, where a short beach holds another cluster near a Jadestone Turtle.

A screenshot of the best farming route for Clearwater Jade.
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Head east of Teatree Slope, and you'll find two Jades behind a Jadestone Turtle, with another nearby. Follow the trail on the map to find yourself beneath Mt. Lingmend, and Yilong Wharf. A notable Jadestone Turtle northeast of Yilong Wharf presents an opportunity to acquire up to six Clearwater Jades.

The farming route takes you through various landscapes, from Yaodie Valley to Mt. Xuanlian, and Chizhang Wall, each location hiding a set of Clearwater Jades. You'll even find some close to the Solitary Suanni field boss.

Note that there will be enemies in the wild, but as you're farming, you can quickly collect the Jades and run past the bosses and other mobs so that you don't waste time dealing with them.

It's also a good idea to complete the Floating Jade, Treasure of Chenyu quest, and solve the Golden Carp's Leap and Scenes of Flowing Lotuses puzzles to unlock more Jade locations.

What to use Clearwater Jade on

Clearwater Jade is the Ascension material for Xiayun, the new playable Anemo character who was introduced in Genshin Impact 4.4. You probably have met her already through the main story, in her bestial form as the Cloud Retainer.

A screenshot of Xiayun who requires Clearwater Jade for Ascension.
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You'll need a total of 168 Clearwater Jade to fully ascend Xiayun and reach her maximum potential. Here's the breakdown:

  • Level 20-40: 3 Clearwater Jade
  • Level 40-50: 10 Clearwater Jade
  • Level 50-60: 20 Clearwater Jade
  • Level 60-70: 30 Clearwater Jade
  • Level 70-80: 45 Clearwater Jade
  • Level 80-90: 60 Clearwater Jade

By running through this farming route at least twice, you should have enough Clearwater Jades for Xianyun's Ascension.

That's the end of our guide on how to collect Clearwater Jade in Genshin Impact with the best farming route. For more guides on this game, feel free to check out how to collect all 3 Carp Spirit Orbs in Genshin Impact. Also, don't forget to collect the new Dark Iron Sword in Chenyu Vale!

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