Genshin Impact Crystal Chunks: Locations, Farm, Respawn rate & more!

Genshin Impact remains one of the most popular games at the moment, dominating Twitch and YouTube.

With the game containing such levels of depth, players are absolutely hooked.

One level of depth on the game is in its materials, of which there are many. Crystal Chunks are one of these materials.

Let’s take a look at these crystal chunks now, where you can find them, their respawn rate and how you can use them!

Crystal Chunks Locations

You can often find Crystal Chunks in caves, mines and near mountainous terrain.

Genshin Impact Crystal Chunks map
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TREASURE MAP: This map shows many Chunk locations!

Thankfully, users on the Genshin Impact Wiki have got a number of tips for players wishing to find more of the material.

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User MortalTwinkies said that there are a lot in the Stormterror area, just to the West of the Westernmost Teleport Waypoint.

This was backed up by Nekoparaaa1 who said the same, however, it should be noted that storyline progression is required to access these areas.

Finally, ULTway mentioned that you can find a lot of chunks around the Qingyun Peak area in Liyue.

Respawn Rate

Players consider these Crsytal Chunks rare due to their long respawn rate.

genshin impact apple location stormbearer mountains 3
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Unfortunately for player, it takes 3 days, or 72 hours, for Crystal Chunks to respawn.

However, with careful management of the zones in which you are collecting the material, we are sure you can have a certain amount to collect every day.

Crystal Chunks uses

You use Crystal Chunks to create Mystic Enhancement ore and a number of weapons and catalysts.

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UPDATE TIME: The game has already received a 1.1 Version Update

These weapons include the Prototype Rancour, Crescent, Grudge, and Aminus.

Other weapons that you can make are Iron Sting, Compound Bow, Crescent Pike and Whiteblind.

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Finally, you can make two catalysts, Prototype Malice and Mappa Mare.

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