Genshin Impact's Distant Voyage Web Event

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miHoYo has just released the latest Genshin Impact web event, Distant Voyage.

These events are basically meant to help spread the word about Genshin Impact, offering players rewards for sharing the page to complete tasks in the event.

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Distant Voyage

Genshin Impact Distant Voyage web event
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KAZUHA: He needs a boat.

Distant Voyage Run Times

Distant Voyage will run from June 24, 2021, until July 3, 2021.

Players who complete all their available actions each day should have no issue earning all the rewards Distant Voyage offers.

Distant Voyage Requirements

Players wishing to participate in the Distant Voyage web event must have a Genshin Impact account and must be at least Adventure Level 10 or above.

How to Play Distant Voyage

Genshin Impact Distant Voyage crafting screen
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CRAFTING: Each piece of the boat takes time to complete

Each day of the Distant Voyage event, players will be able to work on crafting a boat.

Players will be presented with different parts of the boat to craft, each taking one attempt to start and a predetermined amount of time to complete.

Two additional crafting attempts may be earned by Genshin Impact players each day by clicking the exclamation point in the upper right-hand corner of the site and completing daily tasks.

These tasks will require players to take action, such as sharing the event on Twitter or sharing the Genshin Impact Youtube page.

As Kazuha completes his boat, players will earn in-game rewards.

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Distant Voyage Rewards

The event only lists "in-game rewards" and a Kaedehara Kazuha mobile wallpaper as rewards for the event.

These web events generally provide Primogems, Mora, and Hero's Wit to players, so fans can expect rewards such as these to be offered as each piece of the boat is finished.

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