Genshin Impact Energy Amplification Initiation Event Guide

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Genshin Impact 1.5's first event is here, and players have a chance to earn Diona for free by participating.

The bulk of this event is broken up into two parts: searching for Irminsul Fruit Fragments and challenging Twisted Realm Domains.

Rewards for this event range from Primogems and Mora, to Diona, a Crown of Insight, and other rewards purchasable from the Event Shop using Fractured Fruit Data.

Energy Amplification Initiation Event Guide

To initiate the Energy Amplification Initiation Event, players will need to talk to the Researcher Hosseini of Sumeru who will explain to them what they need to accomplish.

Once set, Genshin Impact players can find the locations of each Irminsul Fruit Fragments through the Event screen.

Genshin Impact Energy Amplification Initiation Act I
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EVENT: The event screen informs players where to find fragments

Each Act will have three places of interest, each with three fragments to find.

It is as simple as following the map to the location of each, where players will need to wipe out a group of foes powered up by Mutation Stones.

To make these battles easier, players should seek out the glowing red Mutation Stones and destroy them, thus ridding the foes of their added power.

Once each battle is completed, an Irminsul Fruit Fragment may be obtained.

Be wary, the third battle in each location has two Mutation Stones to destroy.

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The Energy Amplifier

Genshin Impact Amplifier
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AMPLIFIER: Boost your party in the Twisted Realm

After players collected a few Irminsul Fruit Fragments, Hosseini will want to speak to them again, allowing them to access the Energy Amplifier, a device that uses Irminsul Fruit Fragments to power up players when they enter the Twisted Realm, a new type of Domain for this event.

Players can place a core Irminsul Fruit Fragment into the center of the Amplifier, and smaller crystals around the edges.

Each Irminsul Fruit Fragment has an amount of Motive Force, and players can only equip a certain amount based on their Motive Force Limit.

By adding support from their friends' characters, they can equip up to 1000 Motive Force worth of Irminsul Fruit Fragments in Solo Play and 1250 Motive Force in Co-Op Play.

Twisted Realm

Genshin Impact Twisted Realm
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TWISTED: Rewards scale based on what players select

Once each Act's Fragments are collected, players can challenge that Act's Twisted Realm Domain for Fractured Fruit Data, the current used in the Event Shop.

Depending on the difficulty players choose, along with other options to make the Domain harder, the amount of Fractured Fruit Data changes.

These Domains can be done solo, or co-op, with the respective Amplifier settings used for each.


Upon completing each Twisted Domain for the first time, Primogems are awarded as well.


Genshin Impact Diona
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DIONA: Player can earn this 4-star Cryo Archer for free

Throughout the Energy Amplification Initiation Event players will earn Primogems for finding Fractured Fruit Fragments and completing Twisted Realms.

The biggest reward Genshin Impact players can earn is Diona, who can be unlocked for 1000 Fractured Fruit Data.

The Event Shop also has the usual items, including a Crown of Insight, a bunch of Primogems, and talent ascension books.

By grinding Twisted Realms, it is possible for players to completely empty out the Event Shop, earning everything there is to earn in the Energy Amplification Initiation Event.

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