Eula: Midnight Encounter at the Tavern, New Genshin Impact Teaser

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A new video teaser dropped for The Spindrift Knight, Eula, on Genshin Impact's YouTube page.

The video offers viewers a glimpse at the upcoming 5-Star Cryo Claymore character, a bit of information on the three great families of Mondstadt.

Eula: Midnight Encounter at the Tavern


Often found sitting alone at the tavern, the video opens with Eula thanking the Traveler for sharing the table with her, as most people on Mondstadt avoid her.

This is because of her lineage, being a member of the Lawrence family, Mondstadt's past oppressors.

The video then tells of the three great families in Mondstadt: the Gunnhildr Clan, the Ragnvindr Clan, and the Lawrence Clan.

The Lawrence Clan once ruled over Mondstadt in a horrible aristocracy.

Removed from power by Vennessa, the founder of the Knights of Favonius, the Lawrence clan is reviled by Mondstadt's citizens.

The final blow to the Lawrence Clan came in Eula, The Spindrift Knight, becoming a Knight of Favonius.

Though she speaks of vengeance often, her actions speak otherwise, proving her to be kindhearted and honorable.


A noble through and through, Eula seems to be a stickler for etiquette, putting up a frigid demeanor to go along with her bravado of vengeance.

Oh yes, she also sneezes, complaining that a Gunnhildr girl must be talking behind her back again.

This sneeze, as it seems, is driving Genshin Impact fans wild, with gifs and YouTube clips going up revolving around nothing but the knight's sudden outburst.

Eula, The Spindrift Knight

Genshin Impact Eula
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EULA: The Spindrift Knight

Eula arrives in Genshin Impact on May 19th, headlining the second Event Banner of Genshin Impact 1.5.

A 5-Star Event character, Eula, can only be obtained by players during her Event banner, going away until the next time her banner is rerun.

Other characters on Eula's banner will include Xingqiu, Xinyan, and Beidou.