Genshin Impact: Even Mountains Tremble Guide, How To Complete, Primo Geovishap and Juvenile Jade

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Genshin Impact's 1.3 update launched earlier today, bringing new quests, characters and seasonal events.

Here is everything you need to know about the Even Mountains Tremble event.

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Even Mountains Tremble

Even Mountains Tremble is a new event that has begun alongside the 1.3 update.

Players need to take on the extremely difficult Primo Geovishap monster.

Primo Geovishap Genshin Impact
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How To Start The Quest

By going to the Even Mountains Tremble tab in the Events section, it gives you an option to click Navigate, which marks the location just outside of Liyue Harbor.

An NPC will point you towards Tianqiu Valley where earthquakes have been taking place, here you can find the Primo Geovishap.

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Defeating the Primo Geovishap will grant you many rewards, but the one we're most interested in is the Juvenile Jade.

Genshin Impact Even Mountains Tremble Juvenile Jade
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Juvenile Jade is a level up material for Xiao, the brand new 5-star character that was added in the 1.3 update, making this a very valuable item.


Genshin Impact Primo Geovishap Pyro
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  • Punch: Quick punch at the player.
  • Spin: Charges, then perform a quick spinning attack.
  • Slash: Attack forward once.
  • Combo Slash: Attack forward twice, and ends with a slam towards the player.
  • Burrow: Submerge underground, moving towards the enemy and spawning a rune-covered rock, then resurface while performing a slam.
  • Elemental Breath: Unleash a breath of pure elemental power, dealing the current type of infused elemental.
  • Primeval Spring: Spawn a barrage of rune-covered rocks around the arena that will explode after a short while, dealing the current type of infused elemental.
  • Primordial Shower: Unleash a blast of pure elemental power in a huge AOE around it, dealing the current type of infused elemental.

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  • Team Composition: Which ever damage dealer that you like and have at least one character that can generate shield on-demand. Geo shield work best because it can reflect Primodial Shower of any elemental. Noelle and Zhongli are the best shield generator. Albedo and Ningguang are less effective, because the boss can block your path to obtain the crystal.
  • Attack Pattern: The boss is more likely to perform the following attacks depending on where the player is relative to its position. Primordial Shower is random and it wouldn't be used when the boss is at extreme low health. The attacks not mentioned below are random.
    • When the player is far away: Burrow and Primeval Spring.
    • When the player is in front: Punch, Slash and Elemental Breath.
    • When the player is behind: Spin.
  • Offense Strategy: Back-stabbing (attacking from the rear) is effective against this boss. In this position, the boss is less aggresive and Spin attack is common sight. Once in a while, it will perform the more deadly attacks but easily dodged (Read below). When the player is in front, the boss will attack continuously. So, the player is harder to perform a full combo.
  • Defense Strategy: Punch, Slash, and Primeval Spring are easy to dodge without abusing invincibility frame. Just dash out of the way.
    • Spin is time-restrainted to dodge successfully. If your shield can take a full hit from Spin then you may not dodge it. Spin can be dodge by dashing twice away from the boss (Hold back and dash twice). If you notice the charging up animation earlier, you may consider to conserve stamina by dashing once and keep running away from the boss. After the boss stop spinning, you may turn around and continue attacking.
    • To dodge Combo Slash, dash forward right (or left) and stay beside its rear legs (a melee distance away). Slash can be dodge with just the first part.
    • When attacking with Elemental Breath, it always turn right and then left. So, dash forward right and move until its rear legs.
    • The AoE of the rune-covered rocks are big so keep out of its reach.
  • Just make sure to have shield before it unleashed Primordial Shower. While being shielded, the damage dealt would backlash upon it, and dealing greater damage if both your shield and the boss have the same elemental type. Normal geo shield works against all element.

Thanks to Genshin Impact Fandom for the information on the enemies attacks and strategy.

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