Should You Wish On the Ayaka Banner?

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I'm going to break my usual format for a bit here to discuss whether or not you should Wish on the latest Genshin Impact Event Banner.

Every time a new banner is released, the internet is flooded with articles and videos on whether or not you should pull on it or not.

These are generally filled with overly opinionated views on why a certain character should be Wished for or left in the dust until someone better comes along.

You can ignore all the noise and just follow my handy guide.


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Should You Wish On Genshin Impact's Ayaka Banner?

Genshin Impact Heron's Court Event Banner
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AYAKA: The Heron's Court Event Banner

Before I tell you how to spend your hard-earned Wishes, let's break down the upcoming Heron's Court Event Banner.

Ayaka, the latest 5-Star addition to Genshin Impact, headlines the banner.

She's the equivalent of an Inazuma princess and is a Cryo Sword user, joining the ranks of Kaeya and Qiqi.

The banner also contains Yanfei, Ningguang, and Chongyun, all A-Tier characters that are certainly worth their weight in gold in certain party configurations.

Now, should you Wish on this banner?

Should you spend your hard-earned Primogems (or paid Primogems if you're a Sultan) for a chance to pull Ayaka or one of the featured 4-Star characters?

I honestly don't care.


Do you like Ayaka, Yanfei, Ningguang, or Chongyun?

Do you like their stats, how they might fit into your current party composition, or just how they look?

Go ahead and Wish away!

Not a fan of any of these characters?

Don't Wish.

When it all comes down to it, your Genshin Impact experience is all about how you like to play the game.

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There Are No Bad Genshin Impact Characters/Weapons

Genshin Impact Amber
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AMBER: She gets lots of hate

When it comes to analyzing the game and how to optimize everything best, many fans forget that most players play Genshin Impact to have fun.

They don't necessarily need to have the best of everything to enjoy the game, complete quests fully, and enjoy the story.

Genshin Impact is designed so that players can use any characters they want in any combination and can complete what the game has to offer.

Sure, these players may not be grinding Spiral Abyss, but often they aren't really interested in that anyway.

Of course, players who want to min-max their party are just as valid as those who do not.

In the end, players should play Genshin Impact the way they enjoy best.

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Tongue in Cheek

For those power players looking for a valid opinion on whether or not Ayaka is worth Wishing for, I'm sorry.

Honestly, she looks pretty valid, but I haven't sat down to take a good hard look at her stats and growth potential yet.

This article is for all those players who choose characters with their hearts.

If you love Ayaka, Wish for her.

If you need Ningguang so she and your Beidou can live happily ever after, this banner will give you a better chance of pulling her.

If Yanfei is an appropriate choice for you because you need expert legal advice in Liyue, go ahead and try your hand to afford her rates.


Sometimes players just want a bland ice pop with Chongyun.

If you're not one of those people, skip this banner in favor of one that has characters you enjoy.

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