What is the best Fischl build for Genshin Impact?

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The fantasy of the Prinssezin der Verurteilung may have completely encompassed Fischl’s personality through roleplay, but her dedication to the character was why she got her Vision in the first place. There is talent hidden behind her committed act, and it shows when she borders the line of being a Sub DPS to being the main damage dealer of a team.

She was a reward character back in the Unreconciled Stars event in Patch 1.1, where completing the event rewards you with a copy of the Electro archer. To those that got her before the event, that meant an upgrade to arguably the best offensive Constellation set in the game thus far.

One very important thing to note is that Fischl is one of the few characters that does not have Invincibility Frames when using her Elemental Burst. Transforming to Oz doesn't shield her from damage, so players must be careful when they use it to reposition their character in the battlefield.

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Are Her Constellations THAT Good?

Because her Constellations are so good, this must be the first thing worth talking about in this guide as it affects the equipment needed. Each upgrade for Fischl is a boost to not just her damage, but the overall output of the team. It helps that her status as a 4-star character in the permanent pool means she can and will hit all six tiers in time.

Unlocking the first Constellation lets Oz create an orb besides Fischl that fires whenever she attacks while the raven isn't summoned yet by her abilities.

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Damage does add up over time, so while the percentage from her attack isn't that impressive, the accumulated damage will be very noticeable.

The second upgrade increases the damage upon using her Skill summoning Oz, and its area of effect also increases. While this effectively trades off the physical damage from the first Constellation for both sudden and constant Electro damage, the damage boost is very nice to take advantage of, especially in tightly-bunched group of enemies.


Fischl's fourth Constellation boosts the Electro damage sparked from her burst, Midnight Phantasmagloria, based onto a large percentage of her attack. In addition to that, Fischl gets healed by 20% of her maximum HP. This effectively gives her even more longevity in combat, especially given how quick her Energy Recharge is.

The final Constellation shoots Fischl from impressive to nearly broken levels of DPS. Not only does it increase Oz's time on the field, the raven will also attack the enemy with Electro damage regardless of who is he with.

This lets the archer both mix up her damage between full physical to mixed Electro, but it also opens up more frequent elemental reactions regardless of the character present. This is especially good if you need her to be swapped by another DPS character like if her health is low, and you can keep the stream of damage going thanks to Oz filling in the gaps.

Fischl Best Artifacts

You have two routes to go with Fischl: you either make her physical damage hurt extremely hard, or be able to apply constant Electro damage. Both work in increasing her overall DPS, and you can mix and match to your taste.

The pure physical damage build is endearingly called "Machine Gun Fischl" due to the sheer number of projectiles fired from herself and from Oz. A 2-2 set of Gladiator's Finale and Bloodstained Chivalry artifacts will help augment their damage. Flat attack percentages and CRIT rate are very welcomed, and even more so for physical damage bonuses.

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Using Oz more often to do Electro damage would have you run a different build instead. Maximize his time on the battlefield by running a full 4-piece set of Thundering Fury to bolster both Electro damage and Elemental Reactions that can proc. That last part will help decrease the cooldown per reaction proc on her Skill, Nightrider, that allows her to summon the raven on command.


If you're not worried about the cooldown or you got a primary Energy Regen stat in an artifact, you can do a hybrid of this using either set from the Machine Gun build.

Fischl Best Weapons

Skyward Harp is very efficient on both Machine Gun and Oz-spamming Fischl due to her role as a DPS unit. It provides CRIT Rate as its secondary stat, and an additional critical hit damage on its passive.

For the Oz set, the Sacrificial Bow and Favonius Bow are both excellent weapons to bolster the Recharge gained to keep using her Burst and, to an effect, keep Oz on the battlefield.

Machine Gun Fischl needs to increase her attack as much as possible, so go with bows that offer offensive stats and passives.

The Compound Bow is both budget-friendly and synergistic, as it provides an attack speed increase besides the attack damage boost. Both Amos' Bow and Rust have a passive that amplifies normal attacks, but the latter has a demerit on charge attacks so be careful.


More budget options include the Battle Pass-exclusive Viridescent Hunt which provides crowd control on top of CRIT rate, and Slingshot for a gradual increase every time an arrow hits.

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Fischl Best Teammates

Fischl's damage output can be ludicrous with the right team, so offensive supports and Sub DPS units will very much help her out in melting health bars really fast.

Two of her best companions are fellow 4-star characters as well: Xinqiu and Bennett, and it goes well for both the Oz spam and the Machine Gun builds. Xinqiu's Skill helps recharging Fischl's energy a little bit, while his Burst will fire Hydro swords at the targeted enemy.

At C1, this is a solid increase in constant damage; at C6, it will be a constant application of Electro-charge.

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Meanwhile, Bennett's easy application of Pyro through his abilities make it easy for Fischl to apply Overload when Oz is on the field, especially at C6. Moreover, while inside his Burst's area of effect it will heal her if she's low on health, and increases her attack based on his own attack value.

She also appreciates crowd control a lot, so characters that can keep enemies in place are greatly appreciated. Venti's kit, Sucrose's kit, Zhongli's Burst petrification, and Mona's Burst illusion bubbles are all good ways in keeping enemies still and mobs close together.

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This author likes to believe that Fischl is a 5-star character hidden under the 4-star rarity.

The more you invest in her, the better she gets, and sometimes she can end up doing as much damage as the stronger 5-star characters when built right.

If you have her, and you have yet to get more copies to get the Constellation materials, pray that the spooks you get in your wishes include copies of the Prinssezin der Verurteilung.