How to Complete "Good Sign" Commission in Genshin Impact

A screenshot of Genshhin Impact Liyue Harbor.
Credit: HoYoverse

A screenshot of Genshhin Impact Liyue Harbor.
Credit: HoYoverse

The Genshin Impact Liyue-exclusive daily commission, “Good Sign” sees a sailor yearning for love and seeks players’ help in finding signs of his destined romance. Although quest markers guide players to the two required “signs”, this seemingly simple mission holds the potential for two hidden achievements!

Read on to discover how to navigate "Good Sign" in its entirety, unlock these secret rewards, and perhaps even bring joy to a hopeful sailor's heart.

How to complete the “Good Sign” commission

The "Good Sign" is a Liyue-exclusive commission received from Zhihua near Liyue Harbor. He recounts a fortune teller's prophecy and seeks positive omens hinting at his path to finding true love.

A screenshot of the Genshin Impact Liyue NPC, Zhihua.
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Credit: HoYoverse

Players must investigate two of five possible signs scattered throughout the harbour:

  • Granny Shan’s thriving toy stand
  • A pair of pigeons perched on a roof
  • A cat observing a fish
  • A pile of dead leaves
  • Puppies playing together

Simply observe the signs and report back to Zhihua for your rewards! However, for players who want to acquire the two hidden achievements — “Love is All Around” and “Open to Interpretation” — you must complete a few more steps, detailed below.

How to get the “Love is All Around” achievement

To get the "Love is All Around" achievement, players will simply need to investigate all five signs without disturbing them. To do this, observe the signs and move away immediately.

As players are only given two signs per commission, it can take more than five attempts to successfully view each event peacefully. But with patience and mindful observation, you'll unlock this delightful achievement and secure 5 easy Primogems!

How to get the “Open to Interpretation” achievement

The "Open to Interpretation" achievement in Genshin Impact takes the "Good Sign" commission on a wild ride. This time, instead of peacefully observing the signs, you'll need to actively disrupt them:

  • Kill or shoo away the pigeons
  • Catch the fish/scare away the cat
  • Burn or blow away the dead leaves
  • Scare the puppies away

Disrupt all four signs to get the "Open to Interpretation" achievement! Don't worry about missing out on the regular commission rewards; Zhihua remains unwavering in his belief that any event is a "Good Sign" for his impending romance!

That covers everything you need to know about completing the Good Sign commission in Genshin Impact and unlocking all the hidden achievements for some easy Primogems.

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