How to raise your Genshin Impact friendship level to new heights?

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A character’s friendship level in Genshin Impact is an extra detail that increases as you keep levelling your characters; aside from the Traveller.

While there are no tangible rewards in fully levelling a character’s friendship level other than unlocking a deeper backstory and a customized name card, it’s still proof of love and dedication poured into using and mastering a character.

Take note that grinding Companionship EXP will take a lot longer compared to other levels that are grindable, and the amount received will be based on your Adventure Rank.

So how do you raise your friendship level? Here's a few ways...

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Table of Contents

Daily Commissions & Bonus Reward


Bring your best characters along as you complete your usual set. This gains you the highest amount of Companionship EXP daily, so bring your favourites along when you can as you clear your commissions.

Ley Lines and Domains

These two give equal EXP amounts, so feel free to mix and match between these depending on your priority between artefacts or EXP materials.


The weekly bosses give out higher Companionship EXP, but only take them on if your team is up to the task. The world bosses can respawn after a set time after defeat, and is also a perfect place to harvest character ascension materials at the same time.

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Random Events & NPCs

Sometimes when you’re strolling about the open world, Paimon might alert you about a strange scene from afar, or a person’s name might suddenly show with a simple quest.

Complete them and it will award you Companionship EXP. These random quests might end up disappearing if you don’t start them quickly enough, so make sure to be quick on your feet.