Where is Huffman? Genshin Impact's Mondstadt NPC

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If you’re still playing through the Mondstadt arc of Genshin Impact, you’ll eventually notice a knight patrolling the streets of the city with fervour and dedication.

For some reason, he’s also quite a recurring face in some of the more important quests.


Who is Huffman?

As his gear and dialogue implies, Huffman is a member of the Knights of the Favonius.

He’s one of the few NPCs that changes dialogue depending on the story’s progress.

The Story Quests “The Outlander Who Caught The Wind” and “A Long Shot” for example has him speaking unique dialogue during and after quest completion.

Specifically, he appears in “In The Aftermath” and “Darknight Hero’s Crisis” as part of the story, and the aftermaths of “To Each Their Duty” and “Contingencies”.

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How to find Huffman in Genshin Impact?

If you want to chat up with Huffman when you’re in Mondstadt, there are a few key places he’s in front of that he frequently stops by when he’s roaming around the city.

Angel’s Share, which is Diluc’s bar, is one such place, as is the main town square, the Knight’s Academy and the main town square.

He’d appreciate some small talk in between his patrols, this author reckons.