Genshin Impact Kaedehara Kazuha Banner Revealed

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Genshin Impact fans looking to pull Klee from the first Event Banner of 1.6 only have a limited amount of time left to do so.

Today (June 27, 2021), miHoYo unveiled the next banner for Genshin Impact, featuring Kazuha, the latest character addition to the game.

Kaedehara Kazuha Banner

Genshin Impact Kazuha
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Kaedehara Kazuha is a 5-Star Anemo Sword user who hails from Inazuma.

A wandering samurai, he currently finds himself in Beidou's employ in the Crux Fleet.

A formidable looking character, he carries a curved sword and his abilities focus on adsorbing other elements to increase damage to foes.

It will not be long now before players can get their hands on Kazuha and start testing to see where he falls on the Genshin Impact character tier list.

Running alongside Kazuha will be Bennet, Razor, and Rosaria.

Overall this is one of the better banners that has run in some time, with all four 4-Star characters being extremely useful in some fashion or another.

Razor is an extremely competent Main DPS, especially for newer players, while Rosaria is a great compliment as a Sub DPS.


Bennet is one of the best Utility characters in the game, providing Pyro support, as well as healing and character buffs.

Kazuha Banner Availability

The Kazuha banner will from from June 29, 2021, at 18:00 Server Time until July 20, 2021, at 14:59 Server Time.

Players can expect Genshin Impact 1.7/2.0 to arrive once the banner has run its course.

Rumors point to the 5-Star Cryo Sword user, Ayaka, to be the first Event Banner of the next update.